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Re: <nettime> Call for publication of all Snowden papers gets louder
Keith Sanborn on Mon, 24 Nov 2014 17:59:52 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Call for publication of all Snowden papers gets louder

I think Geert is right to call for the full publication of the Snowden

1. We don't know what else is in it. So far it's been interesting
and important. We shd know the horizons of what Snowden saw and was
able to take away. It will allow us to know more and possibly to gain
perspective on his choices.

2. Who cares if it's only a partial sampling? Isn't everything limited
that is edited either by accident or design?

3. Cdnt it be done in Germany or Russia, or some other sovereign
state outside the reach of US Imperial power? Whether cynical or not
in their motives for hosting such a document? There are problems in
relying on any state actor, but they are the only ones who can't
be shut down by the state in which they are located. I wd suggest
a Tor site but that now seems to be a fantasy of anonymity rather
than a reality. Perhaps there are non- or pseudo-state actors who cd
publish the documents. Unofficially but with enough tacit support for
a limited amount of time to let the cat out of the bag.

4. It wd be interesting to see what effect the release of the
documents wd have on Internet traffic worldwide. To see who and how
many wd care enough to download the documents. Cd one person even
with a very fast connection download them all? Then there's The "I'm
Spartacus!" effect. Does the US Government really want to out itself
as being opposed to the free flow of information in such an obvious
public way? Or wd they just chose a few to make examples of them "pour
encourager les autres."

5. Even if it can't be done, it shd be done for reason #1. 


> On Nov 17, 2014, at 2:36 PM, Molly Hankwitz
><mollyhankwitz {AT} gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Ted, Thanks for this long set of ideas. I guess I was naively
> thinking or assuming --and thinking Geert was championing, to some
> extent, with grateful acknowledgement of his past collaborative
> accomlpishments in to publishing "from the networks" so to speak
> ---that by publishing the leaked information that Snowden list his
> citizenship for, that (we) could demonstrate support for free press,
> against censorship, against surveillance with a re-circulation which
> would escape the silence, even of colleagues numbed out on Google,
> NSA, etc....over "response" to Snowden--


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