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<nettime> FW: [P2P-F] Greek Vice-President explicitely endorses commons
michael gurstein on Thu, 12 Feb 2015 02:34:17 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> FW: [P2P-F] Greek Vice-President explicitely endorses commons strategy before parliament

   (with permission)

   From: Eleftherios Kosmas [mailto:elkosmas {AT} gmail.com]
   Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2015 2:48 PM
   To: michael gurstein
   Subject: Re: [P2P-F] Greek Vice-President explicitely endorses commons
   strategy before parliament

   Hi guys. I checked the speech of Mr Dragasakis I will try to translate
   some parts of it. Bear in mind that due to the cultural and linguistic
   differences of the Greek language with English I might not be able to
   convey it properly (I am not a trained translator)

   "Title: Speech during the government's policy statements"

     The most interesting part at least for my shelf as a member of a
     commons based collective like hackerspace.gr and a strong
     supporter of the commons personally and in public is the following.

   I would like to, conclude with the permission of the President, with a
   general thought. Often in everyday life we all live events happening
   that only hindsight their importance. We live, then, and now a historic
   era, characterized not only by the crisis and the collapse of obsolete
   models, but we live a crisis that eventually spawned new models and new
   social organization models, as was done in the past. In this sense,
   then, this is an opportunity to take up the deficits of the past, to
   close this modernization deficit, but by addressing the contemporary
   social problem of unemployment, social security and social exclusion.
   This could establish a new paradigm in Greece and other countries of
   southern Europe, combining advanced forms of democracy, social
   self-motivation, social justice on a strong foundation of common goods,
   a society-centric model, which would give dignity and confidence in
   society hope to the people, optimism in the new generation. Thus,
   Greece from being the Guenna-pig of austerity and destruction could be
   the a ground of pioneering ideas and policies, and the benefit would
   not be just for us. The world would become a security goal in a region
   of insecurity and "aged" Europe could re-discover through the symbiosis
   of different development models inside. Let's not rush some say that
   these are utopias, because there are utopias that are realistic. Are
   those whose implementation depends not on supernatural powers, but by
   the unity and collective action of ordinary people in Europe, in Greece
   and worldwide. Thank you.

   Greek speakers could find the original here.

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