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<nettime> LabourLeaks.org submission: TSTG Duisburg Hardship Fund misuse
Ãrsan Åenalp on Thu, 12 Feb 2015 16:24:26 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> LabourLeaks.org submission: TSTG Duisburg Hardship Fund misuse

LABOURLEAKS.ORG  - Exposing wrongdoings in the workplace

This is a letter from the First Represantive of the IG Metall
Duisburg-Dinslaken, the German Engineering Union, to former employees
of the closed steel works TSTG in Duisburg which made rails for the
German railways. The letter is addressed to ex-employees who are still
in the union. It concerns those employees who have not managed to find
a job after a year after the company closed down. There are two
aspects of the letter that are questionable. Firstly, the "works
council" is involved in the discussion as to who gets what from the
"hardship fund". This is strange because the council has long ceased
to exist. Secondly, the author states explicitely that the information
contained in the letter is only going to those colleagues who are
still members of the IG Metall. Everyone else may not be informed by
the union. No explanation is given as to why this is so and
ex-employees suspect that only union members will benefit from the
hardship fund.


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