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<nettime> May Day 2015 Status Update | Networked Labour
Ãrsan Åenalp on Fri, 8 May 2015 17:30:05 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> May Day 2015 Status Update | Networked Labour

Emancipation, Knowledge, and Production through Peer to Peer
Co-Operation Research

Networked Labour project was kicked off as an outcome of an
international seminar held in Amsterdam between 7-9 May 2013. The
seminar was initially supported by Networked Politics, transform!
europe, Transnational Institute and IGOPNET (Institut de Govern the
Pol??tiques P??bliques). At the end of the seminar several ideas have
emerged one of which was to improve a web space and try to transform it
into a transnational and distributed network space through which we
could build new ties and expand our nets of collaboration.

Collaborative learning of networks, organising, and emancipation

May 2013 and May 2015 period has been an intense analytical, political,
cultural, ecological and practical co-learning of the nature of changing
world of labour and production, emerging new movements, political
actors, old-new politics, and mode of thoughts. We have discussed, and
exchanged theoretical, political and practical knowledge and ideas on
these topics as well as in relation to the accelerating developments in
the ICTs, using mainly the Networked Labour e-mail list, hoping such
efforts and collaboration would create new synergies by bringing
together contributors, observers and participants to the recent social
changes, innovation, movements, protests, and mobilizations, and
believing that this would  enable us to increase our collective
understanding of the new possibilities emerging in front of all of us
for broader radical social change.

May Day 2015, status update: Towards an emancipatory co-operation
research unit

How to build sort of an integrated and p2p counter ???operation research???
unit, that would be focusing on intelligence, creative action and media
design for global emancipation of labour have become clear since May
2013, after exactly two years. Had to spend enormous time and energy on
learning ???how-to???s of complex technical aspects of web-mastering craft
and the craft of building something ???truly??? independent and autonomous
from any political, ideological, state, or corporate influence, while
staying genuinely being cooperative and political, in a useful and
productive way, one might get exhausted. As a facilitator have I become
more and more aware of the fact that such approach would run the risk to
stay isolated, unproductive under heavy burden and setting for own death
in isolated solo work, without coming up that would be something working
and used. Taking such risk caused by the huge costs of the oppressing
and co-optative systemic ???externalities??? on the one hand, and by
problematic ???internalities??? like tendency to enclose inward and generate
entropy out of hyperactivity on the other, however, becomes inevitable
to achieve something that would sincerely and genuinely focus on the
target like global emancipation with precision. Without producing
degenerative contradictions at the code level, by Machiavellian or
Jakobin politics. Hence, have I been more than aware of the fact that
one can hardly expect any organic cooperation under such conditions,
when old is dying and the new can not be born.

Alternative which has been the most important part embedded in the idea
of ???networked labour??? from the beginning, and has gained momentum
globally. So, in last two years Networked Labour has been developed as a
modular and integrated co-operative project. The current status of the
various parts and modules of the project, that are still needed to be
developed and integrated to others can be seen below. As you will see
such co-operative functions are built-in parts of the design.

Web-portal: http://www.networkedlabour.net/Peer and co-operative
learning platform (test):

Open Value Network (test): http://nrp.webfactional.com/

Here is the cooperative funding campaign launched on coopfunding.net
(though needs to be updated):

Any opinion suggestion, critic, and solidarity as always, is more then
welcome. And if you are interested in joining or following this open
discussion and development trajectory you can do this by simply choosing
any one or more channels listed below.

Facebook Page: The Facebook page is a tool for expanding in the debate
by spreading calls, papers, events, and other info posted on our blog or
the email list, within the groups of the embedded social network on our
web site etc. While we could expand in the public sphere, in return we
would be able to get feed*backs and info from Facebook to the blog and
so on.

Facebook Group: Facebook groups are very useful to expand and strengthen
ties amongst the nodes, by allowing a continuous exchange,. debate, so
producing and sharing information. Along the day.

Scoop.It: Is a app to harvest links from the Net and very useful in
creating an increased ripple effect when you want to spread viral via
your online networks. When we will scoop the posts from our blog, it
will  be posted automatically on the Facebook page and the Twitter
account of Networked Labour and reach out the followers and their networks.

Twitter: To even widen the range of reach out for the information we
like to spread, and increase the possibility to expand our collaboration.

Online meetings, trainings and study circles will be coming soon!

Looking forward to explore and realize the change together!

In global and networked solidarity,


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