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<nettime> Europe: from bad to worse (should be Greece, from worse to goo
Alexander Bard on Mon, 29 Jun 2015 04:42:20 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Europe: from bad to worse (should be Greece, from worse to good)

   In that case, why doesn't the ECB and the IMF try to crush the
   economies of Sweden, Switzerland, Britain and Poland while they are at
   it since they have all chosen to stay outside the euro? Greece is after
   all less than 2% of the entire EU economy. In other words, this being
   Nettime, can we please stay away from the ridiculous non-factual
   conspiracy theories, blame-games and self-victimisation loops that are
   the true pathetic characteristics of postmodern politics? The problem
   with markets is not that they are evil but that they are stupid and
   blind to the direct effects of their own individual participants.
   Nothing more, nothing less. Of which the Greek market economy is a
   perfect example, now that decades of local tax fraud, speculation
   bubbles and corruption has caught up with it. A traditional Marxist
   left would of course have chopped off the heads of wealthy Greek tax
   evaders years ago. But a contemporary postmodern populist "left" blames
   German working class taxpayers for being nasty to Greek non-taxpayers
   and then does its best to play the postmodern game of disgracing its
   leftist as well as rightist allies around Europe by calling for a
   referendum after a long set deadline, a referendum that could and
   should have been called for months ago. So why am I not impressed with
   the analyses of the situation voiced here on the Nettime forum? Why the
   totally uncalled for alarm bells now? Let Greece leave the euro and see
   if it can save a new drachma just like Sweden defends its krona,
   Switzerland its franc, Britain its pound and Poland its zloty and also
   set its retirement age eight years lower than the EU average as Syrica
   now insists Greece must. If Greece likes to do so. Why do Nettime
   members defend Greece stayng in the euro at all costs? In what way
   would that strengthen Greek or any other democracy? And if Greece can
   not defend a new drachma, perhaps it should finally deal with its upper
   class still escaping paying the taxes that other European social
   democracies manage to force its wealthy to do? Swiss banks are loaded
   with packed Greek bank accounts. Should not that be the real focus of a
   proper Marxist analysis here? Simply because Marxism is all about
   chopping off the right and not the wrong head in the guillotine and
   that should in this case actually not be a German working class
   taxpayer but somebody far closer to Athens itself. Like the incredibly
   wealthy sttill tax-exempt Greek yacht owners on the Aegean islands who
   Syriza even refuse to force to pay VAT. Or have I missed something you
   guys know but have not told me yet? Is Syriza Marxist rather than just
   postmodern media gamers? If so, that has unfortunately surpassed stupid
   old me completely.
   All the best intentions
   Alexander Bard/firmly holding on to Das Kapital rather than Lyotard or
   Baudrillard here

   2015-06-28 12:10 GMT+01:00 <morlockelloi {AT} yahoo.com>:

     Isn't the biggest fear of all that it won't, and that Greece and
     will continue to exist in relative order? To ensure that such
     catastrophe does not happen, chaos must be created by any means.
     On 6/28/15 1:06 , Felix Stalder wrote:
     >If Greece is being pushed into the wilderness outside the Eurozone,
     >it's likely to create economic and social chaos domestically. While

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