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<nettime> Europe: from bad to worse (should be Greece, from worse to goo
Alexander Bard on Tue, 30 Jun 2015 00:01:05 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Europe: from bad to worse (should be Greece, from worse to good)

Sure, mainly agreed, but I'm all for holding greedy French and
German bankers (correctly pointed out by Seb here as DSK's darlings)
responsible for the massive fluffy loans they provided to greedy Greek
tax-exempt property developers, precisely through the default on Greek
debt which is now the more than likely outcome of this circus. Greece
will be left with its own currency (the new drachma) and then put
in the same position as many other non-euro EU countries. In which
case, Greece will finally have to learn to tax its wealthy and its
consumption to be able to pay the pensions, the government employee
salaries and the investments in edcuation and infrastructure necessary
to run a functioning Greek social democracy. In what way could there
be anything wrong with that from a socialist-democratic perspective
(as I assume most Nettimers should support)? So what I have defended
all along are all the EU taxpayers who have been unfairly forced to
pop up both EU banks and wealthy tax-exempt Greeks for years. Finally
we can see an end to that evil circus. With Greece as now seems most
likely leaving the euro and being forced to behave as responsibly and
democratically (and no longer populist) as Sweden, Britain, Poland
and even Switzerland while French and Gernan banks take the massive
hit on their bad stupid loans they should have taken all along. You
see, a proper Marxist analysis sides with the working class against
the wealthy, not with one small country (Greece) against a big one
(Germany). Which is why I regret to have to insist that Syriza is not
a Marxist party, but a nationalist-populist one, far more fascinated
with media narcissism and game theory (Yanis Varoufakis' real academic
discipline) than with fairness and justice. Unfortunately. At the end
of the day, why not just Freek voters going to the polls on Sunday?
Why not all EU voters? And how many of the 500 million non-Greek EU
voters do you honestly think would support Greece staying in the euro
without a default on debt at the cost of non-Greek EU taxpayers? Not
a single one. So where is their voice, according to Syriza? Oh, as
non-Greeks they apparently do not count. Which is just nationalist
populism at its worst. Greece deserves much better than Syriza.

Best intentions
Alexander Bard

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