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Re: <nettime> Let's talk about Internet art:
John Young on Fri, 17 Jul 2015 22:34:21 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Let's talk about Internet art:

Agreed. ISIS has been doing provocatives on the fringes,
not yet at the 9/11 bombshell top auction seller, beyond 7/7 busts,
around the Madrid blow-out.

MOMA is showing killing and violence inventions, supposedly
lifted from the Internet, so bet on ISIS exploding PS1 or the cheering
US-Israeli bashing Euro-financiers lusting for all out war bloodletting
beyond storefront-blasting cartoon insults.

Koch's US offers potential breakouts with lone wolves orchestrating
simultaneous spatterings in packed arenas, audience participating
in trampling each other, those in Jade Helm territories unloading
automatics upon military Burning Manhunters landscape canvases
the far too modest earth artists could never imagine.

Growling Serra will cry like a baby, New Museum a hollow shell smoldering
among Bowery conflagration of million dollar listings, Ono crawling the
Dakota attic bawling for peace, iPhoning the NYT to order up a
retrograde Beatles plea.

Infrastructure sitting ducks in a row for Internet firing synapses. Over to
you Brad.

At 08:14 AM 7/16/2015, you wrote:

There's no such thing.

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