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<nettime> ***SPAM*** The Institute for the Advancement of Popular Automa
Eugenio Tisselli on Wed, 22 Jul 2015 03:13:22 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> ***SPAM*** The Institute for the Advancement of Popular Automatisms (IFAPA)

   The Institute for the Advancement of Popular Automatisms (IFAPA)
   presents: GOOGLE & FRIENDS


   "The advantage of applying the surveillance to profiles, "events," and
   virtualities is that statistical entities don't take offense, and
   individuals can still claim they're not being monitored, at least not
   personally. While cybernetic governmentality already operates in terms
   of a completely new logic, its subjects continue to think of themselves
   according to the old paradigm. We believe that our "personal" data
   belong to us, like our car or our shoes, and that we're only exercising
   our "individual freedom" by deciding to let Google, Facebook, Apple,
   Amazon or the police have access to them, without realizing that this
   has immediate effects on those who refuse to, and who will be treated
   from then on as suspects, as potential deviants."

   - The Invisible Committee, "Fuck off Google"

   The Institute for the Advancement of Popular Automatisms (IFAPA) is an
   ongoing research on the effects that the machinic discourse has on
   human bodies, minds and languages. It seeks to politicize the intimate
   space in which humans and machines see eye-to-eye, by turning it into a
   playground of mathematical excess. In order to achieve such goal, the
   researchers who develop [2]ifapa.me invent and disseminate automatisms
   capable of reinforcing numeric domination, and therefore reducing the
   sphere of human thought and activity to mere

   Thanks for clicking.

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