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morlockelloi on Thu, 30 Jul 2015 23:57:50 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> ***SPAM*** Re: Lori Emerson: What's Wrong With the Internet and How

I think that this is the core problem - assumption, ultimately ideological, that it is good that only a small number of participants define something, and then everyone can use the same and be interoperable, in the name of protecting us from the stupid, and it being a condition for the 'widespread adoption of the technology'.

Why is this centralization apriori good?

Why is it apriori good that a small number of OEMs can cheaply produce huge amount of technological gadgets, as opposed to every village producing their own more or less incompatible technology, at a slower rate and at a higher cost (and employment, BTW) ?

Why is 'widespread adoption of the technology' good, and also conditioned on centralization and interoperability? It's not like that adoption of the literacy technology suffered because there are hundreds of tongues.

This is all 'good' for only two reasons, and they are both ideological:

1. Steep stratification of power and control
2. Profits

Some may say this is one reason, though.

Nothing to do with the technology.

On 7/30/15, 10:08, r1ftrouter {AT} hushmail.com wrote:

    consensus. Without this, widespread adoption of the technology is going
    to be difficult as people will do any write their own. It is a bit of a
    luxury from a systems perspective that we have a commonality - the OSI
    model by example - from which engineers can agree to build upon. This

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