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Re: <nettime> notes from the DIEM25 launch
morlockelloi on Sat, 13 Feb 2016 19:31:38 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> notes from the DIEM25 launch

The trend(s) that Europe is seeing itself dragged to are not result of 'wrong' thinking and misbehaviour of supposedly powerful masses. They are the result of material circumstances, and no amount of magical (group)thinking will change that.

Material circumstances are mostly related to technologies of social control, and these can not be handled by 'not being afraid' and stampeding, which is what current proposals boil down to. That's like not being afraid of bullets - looks great the first 5 minutes. What can make the difference is (painstakingly slow) acquisition of counter-technologies which can change the landscape of material circumstances and make the change sustainable outside the stampede phase.

Privacy technologies are definitely party of this equation. For those that can't jettison the 19th century revolutionary scene from their minds, think meeting on dark street corners. That was a technology. Today's privacy is the same thing, but it looks a bit different and takes far longer to learn, and it has to be done.

Nothing will change until the would-be changers stop taking knives to gun fights (hoping that bravery and motivation will compensate - they won't). Privacy technologies, including encryption, are essential part of this armament.

Asking people to 'loose their fear' and stampede into the machinegun fire is short-sighted - and today 'we don't care that they know about our moves better than we do' is equivalent of this.

Absolutely nothing will change as a result of people gathering and talking themselves into this or that, and then regurgitating it in the social media. The modern society is immune to such knives. The proof is obvious - that event in Berlin was completely legal, as are others of its kind, while encryption is less and less legal.

The change may come only from the change in the material circumstances (it's not any more about material circumstances of production these days, as is all done by robots, but use of that phrase may help bridge the cognitive gap.)

On 2/13/16 2:29 , Felix Stalder wrote:

Here, I really totally disagree. Repressive orders crumble when people
start to loose their fear and act in large numbers, despite being
monitored not because they found ways to evade it. Security, in this
case, comes from social solidarity and collective action, not from

I'm not against encryption as such, of course, there are many
instances where it is vital, but this is not one of them (unless
one follows a kind of Leninist approach). In this case, to focus on
encryption seems more like a form of political procrastination.

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