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<nettime> Community Radio News From Across India -- CRNFAI Feb 14, 2016
Frederick FN Noronha फ्रेड्रिक न on Sat, 13 Feb 2016 20:56:20 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Community Radio News From Across India -- CRNFAI Feb 14, 2016

   _/ Community Radio News From Across India -- CRNFAI Feb 14, 2016
   _/ Compiled by Frederick Noronha [1]fredericknoronha {AT} gmail.com

   BIT extends reach to rural populace 6.2.2016 Hindu: News
   Rural outreach was accorded a thrust by Bannari Amman Institute of
   Technology at Sathyamangalam on Friday through commissioning of
   Radio with a reach of a radius of up to 20 sq km.
   Radio waves may guide patients in PGI 2.2.2016 Chandigarh News,
   A teacher proposes community radio to help patients know route of
   depts, deliver health talkShimona.Community radio has been proposed in
   to help patients and attendants who lose way to various ...
   Radio stations in Maoist-hit areas soon 19.1.2016 RanchiÂ
   The Jharkhand Police plans to set up community radio stations in 13
   Maoist-hit areas across the state to counter the Maoist influence.
   officials said the radio stations will be used as an important tool to
   Left-wing extremism in the identified areas.
   Open school launches its own radio channel 26.12.2015 Delhi News,
   Allotted a frequency of 91.2, it will cover a radius of 10-15
   from NIOS' headquarters.
   No formal complaint on Community Radio Station misuse: Govt 22.12.2015
   Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Rajyavardhan Singh
   Rathore said that 188 Community Radio stations are active in the
   Second Term for Unseco's Chair at UoH
   Unesco renews community media chair at UoH 11.12.2015 HBL: Home
   The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
   (Unesco) has renewed its chair on community media in the University of
   Hyderabad (UoH) for a second term.
   Emergency community radio service launched in flood-hit Cuddalore
   Cuddalore district administration has set up an emergency 24-hour
   radio service (frequency 107.8Hz) to disseminate information relating
   relief and rehabilitation of flood victims and to address their ...
   Centre sends right signal to the flood-affected 10.12
   Bizwomen share their success mantra on community radio 3.12.2015
   A group of eight budding women entrepreneurs on Wednesday shared
   stories of
   their creative works on community radio.
   Over 100 community radios operating 'illegally'in India
   The seeds of revolution 30.10.2015 India Together
   Deccan Development Society (DDS) is transforming the lives of villagers
   Zaheerhabad, Telangana. Ashish Kothari visited the place recently and
   about how DDS is successfully working with Dalit farmers towards
   ecologically sustainable farming, women empowerment and community-led
    Why this popular Bengaluru community radio station needs your
   25.10.2015 DNA: Popular News
   For three years DS Shamantha founder of 90.4 FM 'Sarathi Jhalak', a
   community radio channel in rural Karnataka, had successfully managed to
   out content that was beneficial to the locals and popular among
   However, the channel which operates from just 70 kms away from
   suffered a financial crisis and had to discontinue its shows as the RJs
   owing to low salaries. But due to its popularity among its audience,
   Shamantha and team were forced to put a few shows back on air again
   just three days. "Villagers from around Malur and Hoskote were very
   It shows the radio has had an impact on them," said Shamantha. The
   educates the listeners on health, agriculture, folklore, legal matters,
   social welfare etc. It has lighter content in the evenings. It also
   to problems of the youth by discussing their problems in their evening
   'Manasina Matu'. The FM covers an area of 30 kms and a target
   population of
   eight-ten lakhs. Their reach is as far as Whitefield, ...
   Sangam Radio completes seven years today 15.10.2015 Hindu:
   From 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., about 50 villages spread across four mandals
   tune in
   to a unique form of entertainment. From folk songs, issues in the
   surrounding villages to discussion about various topics...
   Gurgaon community radio launches series on Constitution 13.10.2015
   Hindu: Delhi
   A Gurgaon-based community radio station -- Gurgaon Ki Awaaz -- on
   launched a new radio series called Hamara Samvidhaan. The initiative
   been introduced in partnership with âWe the Peopleâ...
   Indian Toolkit to improve community radio programming in Africa
   An Indian Toolkit to improve community radio programming is going
   in Africa. A UNESCO initiative brought together 25 stations from five
   countries in Africa to.
   Rural community radio may fall silent for want of funds 30.9.2015
   When Sarathi Jhalak, the only women-owned community radio in %rural
   Karnataka, stopped airing its programmes in the first week of
   listeners were left clueless. Little did they know their favourite 90.4
   station could soon go off air due to lack of financial ..
   Workshop on community radio stations held 29.8.2015 The Assam
   Radio Brahmaputra creates waves 5.8.2015 Guwahati - City -
   At a time when differences among communities are on the rise, Radio
   Brahmaputra, a community radio station, is creating waves and uniting
   groups in upper Assam's Dibrugarh
   BJP to take airwaves route for Kerala Assembly polls 4.8.2015
   As the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government at the Centre tightens the
   regulations for NGOs in the country, forcing many to shut shop, the
   unit of the party is going all out to woo th...
   All we hear is⦠Alfaz-e-Mewat 17.7.2015 HBL: Features
   Community radio station informs and entertains backward region of
   Kumbh Mela: Community Radios Installed in Buses for Devotees 2.7.2015
   In view of the heavy rush of pilgrims expected during the upcoming
   Mela here, the Nashik district administration has arranged for
   radios' in 3,000 MSRTC buses.
   'Revival of radio in progress' 18.6.2015 Hindu: National
   Even though the radio audience has been affected with the growth of
   Television, it is reviving with the opening of a good number of FM
   and Community Radio Stations (CRS) in different part...
   Now, Study RJ'ing in TNOU's New Course 16.6.2015
   With course curriculum designed by CEMCA, the six-month diploma will
   all aspects of radio broadcasting, including jockeying, and train
   to handle, operate and maintain broadcast equipment
   ANU community radio to go on air soon 4.6.2015 Hindu: Vijayawada
   The Acharya Nagarjuna University (ANU) is the first government
   university in
   Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States to operate a community radio.The
   Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I...
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