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<nettime> Gravitational waves: breakthrough discovery announced
Orsan on Sun, 14 Feb 2016 22:29:32 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Gravitational waves: breakthrough discovery announced

   There is no complete disintegration or lack of organization (on or
   structureless) in the cosmos. (From the organizational point of view)
   What makes more sense is to talk about the change in the form,
   coherency, content, and scale of the organization -of the considered
   properties of the cosmos which is the ultimate organized whole. This
   discovery provides a possibility to develop, so far most clear and
   sharp 'view' of the universe as we know it, and may be the beyond.
   Yet how far the look will reach and how liberating the view will be
   depends on the looking eyes and the intention of the bearers of those

"Gravitational waves: breakthrough discovery announced:



(Gravitational waves

   More about gravitational waves, how they are produced and how they will
   hopefully be detected: a survey of current detectors, how to make
   gravitational waves audible, the space-borne detector LISA,
   Einstein {AT} Home

   This page features an overview of all our "Spotlights on relativity"
   dealing with gravitational waves. There is a spotlight text explaining
   the wave's [3]Basic properties, and a text in the
   category [4]Gravitational wave sourceswhich deals with ways of making
   gravitational waves audible; the texts under the heading [5]On the road
   to detection describes the experiments currently under way or under
   construction to detect gravitational waves directly. Also, there is a
   text describing one of the [6]Cosmological applications of
   gravitational waves.

   Useful background information on gravitational waves can be found in
   the introduction [7]Elementary Einstein, especially in the
   chapter [8]Gravitational waves.)


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