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Re: <nettime> Live Your Models
Patrice Riemens on Sun, 8 May 2016 11:06:03 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Live Your Models

Hi JHB & all,

'Population control' is indeed the elephant that regularly comes in
stampeding in the chinaware shop of discussing a sustainable future.
But it is a myth that has been put long ago to rest, first in moral
terms by Mahatma Gandhi ("there is enough for everyone's needs, not
for everyone's greed'), and scientifically by Mahmood Mamdani in
his epinomous book (the Myth of Population Control). here's a short


I think the answer is not reducing the number of people but to reduce
excessive inequalities and consumerist habits. In a better society,
numbers decrease by themselves.

Cheerio, p+5D!

On 2016-05-07 04:27, jan hendrik brueggemeier wrote:
> Hi Florian -
> Thanks for sharing this. The critique of folk politics is an 
> interesting
> one. Although I share Brian's view about to focus on a more convergent
> approach "to work constructively with the many forms of resistance". I
> also feel like that a small scale approach, although maybe not the most
> efficient one, is still a very promising and important step in
> disentangling ourselves from more globalist forms of economy that just
> keeps sleepwalking in one direction.

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