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<nettime> new cyberfeminist reader out now!
Cornelia Sollfrank on Mon, 6 Dec 1999 16:43:32 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> new cyberfeminist reader out now!

Press Release   November 1999

New Cyberfeminist Reader out now!!!!!

In March 1999 the »Next Cyberfeminist International« took place in
Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It was the second big international meeting of
cyberfeminists, organized by the Old Boys Network (OBN). The conference was
the follow-up to the »First Cyberfeminist International« which took place
in 1997 at the Hybrid Workspace at documenta X, Kassel.

In recent years international telecommunication technologies have been
causing globally profound changes in social and political cultures. The
4-day conference seeked to collect a range of women who are involved in a
diversity of feminist critical, deconstructive, misfitting, aesthetic and
cultural practices. One of the main questions was:

What are the specific possibilities offered by the new technologies for a
networked feminism? What are the specific possibilities and conditions for
agency and female subjectivity in a wired and globalised world?

Just as at the conference, this reader intends to continue collecting a
range of different approaches and methods rather than seeking a homogenous
cyberfeminist stand. However, it emphasizes the term »New Cyberfeminism« in
order to free Cyberfeminism from its old attributes which are a too narrow
interpretion of French Feminism.

Cyberfeminism is (to a greater degree than the term feminism was or its
offspring postfeminism or gender studies are) a speculation, a myth, a
utopian idea, and a strategic construction. But its discoursive way of
feminist stubborness and anti-phallogocentric behaviour in a posthuman age
of global information capital is its deep reality.

This reader collects the lectures of the participants. Topics and titles
are e.g.: An analysies of the utopian in Sadie Plant's writings,
Cyberfeminist Strategies for Net-Communities, Feminism, Difference, and
Global Capital, Bio(r)Evolution, Women Hackers, Privacy, Infobiobodies and

Editorial: Cornelia Sollfrank and Yvonne Volkart.

Contributions: Alla Mitrofanova, Caroline Bassett, Irina Aristarkhova,
Faith Wilding & Maria Fernandez, Claudia Reiche, Pam Skelton, Ursula
Biemann, Cornelia Sollfrank, Barbara Thoens, Stephanie Wehner, Corrine
Petrus & Marieke van Santen, Yvonne Volkart, Verena Kuni, Nat Muller,
Helene von Oldenburg, Maren Hartmann, Mare Tralla & Iliyana Nedkova, Marina
Grzinic, Rachel Baker, Susanne Ackers.

Next Cyberfeminist International (ed. Cornelia Sollfrank).
104 Pages, black and white, DM 24.-/ $ 13
ISBN 3-933557-14-3.
Mailorder: www.obn.org/reader

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