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<nettime> sex-IT
Katrien Jacobs on Sun, 12 Dec 1999 00:34:13 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> sex-IT

I just ran into you in the elevator and want to go fuck you at the dog
beach. When we were inside the elevator, I touched your elbow and whispered
that I felt like peeing. You spilled some burning coffee on my knee as we
exited the elevator. I stuck my tongue in your ear and whispered the secret
password "Ashem Robetta". Go you pussy! Go fuck the president's dog instead!  

Nettimers, tool in your hand immediately. I compile for you your obscene
thoughts. Send anything like a paragraph, a tiny dialogue, a dream. It will
be sent back to you as a gift before the end of the century.  

Come here and vomit the daily drudge of virtual sex, chatrooms, webcams,
pink advertisments, the sexual desire of cyberpunk function. Go tell your
boss you rather fuck his dog instead! 

Nettime needs a fuck. I storm into your office. Can I borrow your ruler? Can
I type this message for you while you masturbate? You can slap me because I
want to drip some urine on your floor. Can I stick my penis inside your
mouth too? What's the story that I received in my email today, from that
person telling me of his need to masturbate at his computer to fight the
elevation of sitting too long at his computer. Get that blood circulating.
As a subscriber of Nettime you spend too much time on your butt. 

So you type with one hand or seize your keyboard with both, this is an
attempt to give Nettime a child, hundreds of voices whispering and
encouraging. Are you equipped? I am certain your computer is set up to give
and receive, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Am I wrong? Give yourself in
pornographic imagination.

Stop writing the new IT revolutions. I smell your hands and they smell like
sex. Do not trash your masturbation but send it to k.jacobs {AT} beatmail.com
The good old intellectuals did not trash their porns. 

Strictly confidential? I will read and type it blind-folded and leave my
hands on the keyboard. You can slap me every time if I make mistakes. I will
strictly make no mistakes. I will not send out your names to anyone but your
short porns will soon appear on <nettime> as the official <nettime>
pornography gift. A sex-IT object will also be sent to you later if you
include an address. Visual graphics welcome once the stories have been

Maximum word length: 200 words. Be short and quick.    

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