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<nettime> Ccru datastream7: Hyper-C - breaking the net
katasonix on Wed, 22 Dec 1999 04:05:42 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Ccru datastream7: Hyper-C - breaking the net

Ccru: Cybernetic culture research unit
it {AT} ccru.demon.co.uk

Y2k+ datastream 7

Hyper-C : breaking the net
Steve Goodman


4.125. . .      

5.56. . .

1. Excerpt from Sector 1.8 of the Hyper-C tone-scientist manual entitled
"Hydro-demonic polyrhythm: operating system for the redesign of sonic
reality", a classic in kode9 sonic insurgency it unravels Polyrhythmic
scaling, Octave stretching and Breakbeat nesting as short-circuits to
turbulence. Else where in the text, afroatlantian rhythmic futurism's
involutionary trajectory from the full beat of 4/4 funeral marches
through the  beat of 2/4 towards the  note of swing and past the bebop
1/8 note converging with the T1000 liquid metal hyperrhythm which
surfaced properly only in the early to mid 1990s. This vast vortical
assemblage diagrammed by this period doubling suggests that the
affective potential of the black atlantic consists of the multi-scalar
rhythmic composition of turbulence. Like the cybergoths, Hyper-C seems
addicted to flatline bliss of micro-pause abuse- different agent, same
line. In a later section of Hydro-demonic polyrhythm we learn further
that this redesign of sonic reality generates genetic destratification
for subaquatic martial arts, for insurgency on the distributed pod
network which the AOE was installing, constituting a carceral
archipelago under the Black Atlantic. Each pod was allegedly modelled on
C20's design wizard Buckminster Fuller's undersea island, and housed
gleaming sonar tracking machines, tracing out the sonic environment on
digital cartographies of fractal complexity. OPS- oceanic positioning
system. . .

2. Riding the surge current of the Syzygy hydro-cycle opens Hyper-C
break asymmetrics to smooth transitions across rhythmic frequency
continuum, camouflaging their sonic output with the bpm metric, Hyper-C
cluster their productions around the aganomic speed of 180bpm [kode9
plateau of continuous variation) and 132bpm (micro-break demonic two-
step a.k.a 'death garage') 

3. For the distributed aquaassassins of the Hyper-C tide, Y2K
constituted nothing less than a scratch on the vinyl of history. With
the C-level rising all the time, the elusive cult phenomena were
characterised by what Kodwo Eshun has referred to as 'liquidarity', a
kind kind of hydrotronic tao of turbulence, geling distributed agents
into a collective visco-elastic polyrhythm. 

4. Hyper-C = as MC Blowfish of Digital Underground proclaims (((with
thanks to Parliament's Psychoaquadoodoo))) are composed of turtablist
tone scientists and connoseurs of the occult numerical practices of
break asymmetrics. 

5. For the Dogons of West Africa the 8 ancestors are called Nommo. The
scapegoated ancestor, the Fish Nommo, Anagonno, is being sacrificed to
counteract the disorder of the universe, of which continual land
reclamation operations constitute only a terrestrial
instance(((((((((((((((Could language really be the earth
screaming?))))))) The bifurcation of Po, the cosmic egg triggers the
onset of turbulence, a cosmic whirlwind. Unlike astro-physicist Steven
Hawking who disregards significant matter prior to the Big Bang, the
Dogons posit the abyssal waters.(see Finch III 1998)

6. Several Hyper-C designers had watched with fascination as the
infinite regress of negations constituted by the weight of Hegelian
dialectic was passed downstream by the theoretical terrorists, the Young
Black Hegelians. The Quantum Blacks were on a collision course from the
start according to Greg Tate. The Young Black Hegelians despite their
energetic conceptual insurgency were weighed down by the burden of
contradiction and conflict with which their heritage had burdened them.
The Quantum Blacks therefore were forced into locating themselves "by
bearing the sign of negation to a reductio ad absurdum, a theoretical
black hole. Not a collapse in the fabric of space-time, dimension or
gravity, but to a fold in the curtain of race memory."(Tate: 65) 

7. "From subverson to submersion." K+ Insurgent phase 1: Style wars to
Race wars Insurgent phase 7: From subversion to submersion 1. Contrast
the martial trajectory of the Quantum Blacks with the escape velocity of
the Dr. Drexel inspired Drexiyans and you can understand the dismay of
deep-cover Hyper-C 

8. Always, Hyper-C had sneered from afar at an overexposed spectacular
martial mode of historical monumentalism instead installing an
amphibious geographical nonumentalism and deploying the anti-memory deep
time of the spinal fluid ocean. 

9. s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sss-ssssssssssset your clocks to maritime with
escalations to violence of the Quantum Black war against the State
(white body politic) which Greg Tate reports. 

2. K2-k-k-k-kode for C/k-a-t-a-s-0-n-1-x-entury^ ^no_play)back))))))))))

3. Preferring an older operating system Hyper-C deploy an old school
wetware martial art termed sino-hydro-synthetics)_^inset the sun tzu
chipkode9)))) testifying to a hypercultural matrix which merely spat out
the white face of the Occident. 

4. By pure coincidence, Dr. Camelot Drexels research, Tate tells us "was
based on the theory that black peoples consciousness and social
condition could be transformed through genetic mutation, rather than
religious or ideological conversion. He wanted to transform a select
group of black folks into amphibious creatures who would assist him in
leading an exodus of black people to the Sirius B system."(Tate: 59) 

5. Mobile aqua-agent Drexiya has been noted "currently missing in
action" although recent signal suggests sightings in "eastside sewer
system 7 mile and Van dyke area- eastside Detroit Sector." Drexiya, a
"wavejumper" from the Special forces operates on "aquatic assault" and
"beach head preparations" through the "underwater deployment of
Electronic Funk Bombs." 

6. Weapon of Choice- H2O 

7. Rewind the century 

8. No playback 

9. Set your clocks to maritime. . . 
Greg Tate(1994) 'Excerpt from Altered Spade: Readings in Race Mutation
Theory ' in A. Ross & T. Rose (eds.) Microphone Fiends, New York:

Charles S. Finch III, M.D. (1998) The Star of Deep Beginnings: The
Genesis of African Science and Technology, Georgia: Khenti, Inc.

ccru via katasonix

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