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[nettime-lat] Privacy Lecture Series - Pamela Samuelson, Jan. 17, 2002
Ana Viseu on Sun, 13 Jan 2002 21:16:01 +0100 (CET)

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[nettime-lat] Privacy Lecture Series - Pamela Samuelson, Jan. 17, 2002

[The Privacy Lecture Series re-starts this coming week with a talk by 
Pamela Samuelson, one of the most renowed cyber-rights advocate in the U.S. 
Pamela's work in the sphere of copyright and intellectual property (IP), 
defending basic individual rights against advances by powerful 
corporations, has made her internationally aclaimed. This lecture will 
bring together the issues of privacy and intellectual property.

Check the date and time below. The location is the same as last term. Best. 



Thursday, January 17, 2002

140 St. George, Room 728
Faculty of Information Studies (building adjacent to Robarts Library)
University of Toronto

The lectures are free of charge and you do NOT have to register.


As the content industries expand the scope of intellectual property (IP) 
and the technological means for enforcement, important other social values 
are negatively affected such as freedom of speech, freedom of research and 
privacy. In this talk Pam Samuelson, will focus on the right to privacy and 
how it is affected by the emerging new copyright regime, for instance, how 
do we balance individuals' right control their private sphere with 
corporate rights to control their property and combat piracy? Are new 
systems, which force users to license content and to establish a permanent 
relation with the right holders, for example in Windows XP, an intrusion 
into the user's private sphere? Can the issue of privacy be used to fight 
the seemingly limitless expansion of rights of IP holders?


Pamela Samuelson is a Professor at the University of California at Berkeley 
with a joint appointment in the School of Information Management and 
Systems and the School of Law. She is also Director of the Berkeley Center 
for Law and Technology. Her principal area of expertise is intellectual 
property law. She has written and spoken extensively about the challenges 
that new information technologies are posing for public policy and 
traditional legal regimes and is an advisor for the Samuelson Law, 
Technology and Public Policy Clinic.

In 1997, Samuelson was named a fellow of the John D. & Catherine T. 
MacArthur Foundation. In 1998, she was recognized by the National Law 
Journal as being among the 50 most influential female lawyers in the 
country and among the eight most influential in Northern California. She 
was recently elected to membership in the American Law Institute and named 
a fellow of the Association of Computing Machinery. In 2001, she was 
appointed to a UC Berkeley Chancellor's Professorship for distinguished 
research, teaching and service for her contributions to both Boalt Hall and 
the School of Information Management and Systems.

To register for the Privacy Lecture Series announcement email list please 
go to: <http://privacy.openflows.org/>

The Privacy Lecture Series is organized by Ana Viseu, a researcher 
currently working at the University of Toronto on her Ph.D. dissertation 
which focuses on the development and implementation of wearable computers. 
Her research interests include questions of privacy, social dimensions of 
technology, and the mutual adaptation processes between individuals and 
technology. Ana holds a Master's Degree in Interactive Communication from 
the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain.

The Privacy Lecture Series is co-sponsored by the Knowledge Media Design 
Institute (KMDI) <http://www.kmdi.utoronto.ca/> and the Information Policy 
Research Program (IPRP) <http://www.fis.utoronto.ca/research/iprp/>.

For more info contact Ana Viseu <ana.viseu {AT} utoronto.ca>

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