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[nettime-lat] AK47 at Quadrum Gallery; AK47 at Quadrum Gallery - english
Antonio C Pinto on Mon, 14 Jan 2002 19:58:01 +0100 (CET)

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[nettime-lat] AK47 at Quadrum Gallery; AK47 at Quadrum Gallery - english text

--> Quadrum Gallery, Lisbon --> http://www.galeriaquadrum.com/
--> Manhattan. Art against Terrorism!
--> AK47* / Black September/ Making Of(f)/
--> 19.01.02 --> 02.03.02

--> a project curated by Antonio Cerveira Pinto

--> * AK47 is a Portuguese art collective mostly related to sex, criminal
and political issues seen from an almost sarcastic point of view.
Their contribution to the Manhattan project is a very gentle picture of
religious prejudices and it's potential strength for action (any kind of
action!). Religious antagonisms seems to be the only way to express the
inmiseration of millions.  The world of many contradictions it is not over.
"Black September/Making Of(f)" could be seen as a perfect manifesto against
terror, against terrorism and against war, showing at the same time that
psychology is still a huge and dark continent. Greed should indeed fear the

--> a word from the curator: being digital does not mean being stupid or
blind or cynical; and being against terrorism as we are, expressing our
solidarity with 11th September victims, does not mean that we support other
kind of wars. We don't!

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