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[Nettime-nl] Fwd: Re: <<strategies>> email rights threatenend?
Michael van Eeden on Fri, 14 Sep 2001 18:18:04 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Fwd: Re: <<strategies>> email rights threatenend?

gepost voor evel {AT} xs4all.nl, heeft ook bounce-problemen met nettime-nl.
- michael {AT} factory.org

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I would be cautious about laying blame for internet interruptions, at 
least for those originating in the NYC area. Phone lines and 
dedicated internet connections were and still are experiencing 
outages. Some major fiber trunks passed near the WTC and are likely a 
mess. My guess is that many major phone company switches and trunks 
were damaged too. We've had many problems with ISP dialups in the NYC 
area, though most are coming back up now. In our case, our own 
offices (located about four blocks south of the WTC) are still 
without power or phones so all our servers are down (of course we 
also can't get anywhere near there anyway).

take care,


>First messages about blocked email begin to dripple in.
>We have problems with (sometimes) bouncing mail at the nettime-nl
>list, but that could be explained by the fact that the server is
>located in NYC.
>This posting below raises more Qs, although I don't know
>where their server is located.
>>From: "Brian Downing Quig" <quig {AT} dcia.com>
>>Mailing-List: list cia-drugs {AT} yahoogroups.com; contact
>cia-drugs-owner {AT} yahoogroups.com
>Bob wrote:
>all cia-drugs post methods blocked for six hours! 
>no messages via email or by yahoo groups site post/reply,
>even though preview/edit mode works on yahoo listserver site! 
>also I thought it strange that Mike Ruppert
>received an email from me with a surrogate
>domain in AUSTRALIA, otherwise my
>message itself arrived intact. Alice Springs,
>Australia, no doubt!
>For a moment I was "bob {AT} krakatoa.linuxengine.net"
>instead of recbo {AT} nishanet.com ! 
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