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Han Speckens on Fri, 14 Sep 2001 16:01:07 +0200 (CEST)

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  • Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 10:12:31 -0400
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    In the time of chaos, uncertainty and misleading declarations new challenges
    and paradigms come clearly on the foreground. New York City, September 11. This
    is the time and place where as many political analysts agree the war was
    declared by …the anonymous force. Around 10 am this morning we saw two
    American airliners gliding into the World Trade Center towers within 20 minutes
    interval. 35 min after that another plane crashed into the Pentagon building in
    Washington, then yet another one near by Pittsburgh. Immediate results included
    thousands of civilian victims, 30 % decrease in U.S. economic activity, as well
    as federal and legislative disruptions.
    Most interpretations use terrorism as an explanation of what occurred to be
    precisely orchestrated disruptive economic action against U.S.  If we abstract
    from political ideologies and look at this event in the context of the emerging
    global processes we will see the message underlying the act of destruction of
    American symbols of power. Considered to be the number one power in the world
    both economically and military, U.S. was unable to prevent a deadly strike in
    the heart of its economic and legislative system and left clueless as to the
    subject of this action. No country or political group declared responsibility.
    The names like Osama Bin Laden, radical Lumah groups, Saddam Hussein were
    widely used across the reports pointing to the Middle East as the source of
    what many called the ultimate evil.  Regardless of who directed the suicide
    pilots and positioned trucks and boats full of explosives and (as it was stated
    in 2 of NYC TV reports) potentially even used biological weapons the fact that
    the global system is out of balance comes out into the open. The American
    dollar is falling down on every market and all it took to achieve this was
    redirecting 4 in land flights. The resources necessary to organize this
    barbaric act and the damage, which it caused, are incomparable which by itself
    is an indication of instability.    It is also a clear display of the
    dissemination of political subjectivity in the global context.  Augmented by
    the technology political subjectivity as a complex system of power and
    knowledge triggered chaotic geo-political and economic processes, which as the
    attack on the U.S. shows lead to its technological and economic disintegration.
    Disruptions in electronic communication systems from cellular networks to
    internet services which we experienced in this critical moment today in NYC
    when lives were on the line were not caused by terrorists but by the
    overwhelming amount of traffic which these networks aren't designed to handle.
    Suddenly the magic of comfort and safety was wiped out on so many levels that
    many of us are waking up from the superficial mass marketed idea of piece. It
    is not panic which leads us, it is the reality of being inside the system,
    which has no more resources to maintain internal balance.
    As we enter the new millennium we find ourselves in the middle of the war
    field, which this world has become conditioned by excessive socio-economic
    practices and trans-mutations of the lines of power. We understand that
    American national crisis is merely a representation of the global dissipation
    in which all of the countries, corporations and populations are involved
    willingly or against their will. I have no doubt that U.S. will respond to this
    action but it is also clear that whatever military actions will be taken
    against the imaginary subject of evil this framework is not going to reinstate
    global balance. The death of power symbols is the beginning of a confusing and
    painful but vital process of reorientation and enlightenment. It is a call for
    new progressive mentalities to enter the global scene and replace what Bataill
    called restricted economies. Without an exegeration this challenge is critical
    to our survival and prosperity. 
    Vlad Muzhesky
    September 11, 2001
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