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[Nettime-nl] hulp aan Afgaanse vluchtelingen
Han Speckens on Sat, 3 Nov 2001 15:37:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] hulp aan Afgaanse vluchtelingen

Helping Hands International Organizaton

Head Office: 744 Kashmir Block Iqbal Town Lahore Pakistan

E-mail: Helpinghands786 {AT} hotmail.com Fax# 92-42-5417917


Sub:- Offer Of Support Services To Organizations Supplying

Relief Items To Afghan Refugees / War Victims

Dear Sir,

Our Organization wishes to offer Free Support Services to Charitable Institutions/Donor Agencies vying to supply relief items to Afghan Refugees/War Victims.

We can be of great help by:-

  1. Promptly making available to your Organization provisions and commodities of daily use. Our network in/near the affected areas and our experience/connections enable us to make this claim with confidence.

  2. As you may be aware supplies/shipments from distant area may take a longer time that is six(6) to eight(8) weeks which could be detrimental to the essence of making relief goods available to the affectees in time.

  3. In the services that you are rendering time is of prime importance. Realizing the value of this we can commit quickest supplies with fullest assurance right at the affected areas without any hindererce/delay.

  4. We guarantee that by working with us you will be depending on a very reliable source for uninterrupted supplies, on day to day basis.

As mentioned earlier (in this letter) our support services will be free of charge on humanitarian basic without any discrimination of religion and race. We suggest that you may depute your representative to laison with us for this purpose or you may send us your plans with all necessary details.

                                                          Your brother in lord,

                                                          F.M.Ghazi (Director Management)