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[Nettime-nl] Need Help for Media-Activist Manual
han {AT} indymedia.org on Thu, 15 Nov 2001 14:15:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Need Help for Media-Activist Manual

X-Sender: rcus1647 {AT} pop.euronet.be
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 18:11:44 +0100
To: han {AT} skynet.be
From: Raf Custers <raf.custers {AT} euronet.be>
Subject: Need Help for Media-Activist Manual

Need Help for Media-Activist Manual
Call this : a Call for Action !

We invite Practising Media-Activists, whatever your media or
experience, to Contribute. To a Media-Activist Manual (MAM).

/Why Now ?/
Because lots of Otra Mundistas are moving these days in the LowLands !

D14 will be the culminating point of half a year of protests against
European capitalist globalisation. D14 takes place in Brussels during
the "summit" at the end of Belgium's Presidency of the European Union.

We, as media-activists, take advantage of this Moment to gather as
much of Media-Activist Experience as we can during the protests of
Sept.22 (Liege), 0ct.19 (Gent) and Dec.14 (Brussels) and make them
available for all those who'll be working as media-activists in the

/MAM : What ?/
This Media-Activist Manual will consist of a true Manual, Printed on
Paper, together with a MAM-Website.

/MAM : Three Parts /
The MAM'll contain three chapters
#1 The Media-Activism Experience
txtwriting/html/video/interview/audio/sound system/entart‚ge
(see:Bill Gates)/flyer and so on
you name it/and then turn it into a new Activist Media !
#2 Function-ing of Corporate Media
analysis and critique, based on writings of Serge Halimi, Ignacio
Ramonet, Ben Bagdikian, Michael Parenti, Noam Chomsky, Robert
McChesney and YOU, if you decide to send us your opinion
#3 Media-Activism
Frequently Made Observations ("Media-making is incompatible with
Activism"/"You should be balancing sources" / "You people ask the
right questions, but give the wrong answers" / "Amateurs !
Professional journalism is ten times better" and so on..)
should get Smart Answers

/Editors /
Allthough the MAM is not an IndyMedia-initiative, the
Collectors-Editors (han Soete, Timothee "LadyRedKitten" Genot, Raf
Custers) want to build this manual on the collective IndyMedia-energy.
We have all been collaborating with IndyMedia-Belgium since its start
in June 2000. We also throw in our professional backgrounds as web- &
graphic designer & journalist.
The Antwerp based publishing house EPO ( one of the very few
remaining leftist publishers in the World) wants to print the book in
Dutch and probably French. Contacts with editors in Italy and
elsewhere have been established. Anyone who wants to translate the
texts in English, Deutsch... FEEL FREE !

/Deadline /
December 2001

/Contributions & Suggestions to :
han {AT} skynet.be
raf.custers {AT} euronet.be

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