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[Nettime-nl] STEIM concert announcement, Friday May 3
knock on Mon, 29 Apr 2002 17:31:02 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] STEIM concert announcement, Friday May 3

STEIM concert
With Barbara Lüneburg — violin and Marko Ciciliani — keyboard

On May 3, 2002 the 8th Munich Biennale will be presenting the premier of Manfred
Stahnke\'s \"Orpheus Crystal - Opera in Two Media\" in Munich, Amsterdam
(WaagSociety, Steim), New York and San Francisco.

By combining new media and innovative technologies with the traditional art form
of the opera, Stahnke and his team of artists have created a new version of
musical theater. The opera will debut as a novel form of interaction between
actors on stage and musicians remotely situated, communicating through the

Composer/programmer Georg Hajdu will implement his newly developed \"Quintet.net\"
http://www.quintet-net.org software for the coming performance version: Orpheus\'
voice and the actions of the on-stage percussionist will be transmitted via the
internet to participating musicians in Amsterdam, New York and San Francisco.
The internet musicians will see and hear the music without delay on their
computers, which will make it possible for them to immediately respond to the
arriving information on their own musical instruments. Their structured
improvisations will, in return, be transmitted via the internet, thus becoming a
component of the live performance in Munich.  Although in constant exchange of
musical information with the ongoing opera performance, the participation of the
quintet.net musicians will form an artistic event on its own, merely overlapping
with the performance in Munich.

In Amsterdam Stichting Steim http://www.steim.nl is hosting the internet
performers violinist Barbara Lüneburg and keyboardist Marko Ciciliani. Waag
Society http://www.waag.org will host flutist Anne LaBerge and guitarist Erhard

a. Two musicians at each location will be musically communicating live with the
other participants via the internet.

b. A video screen will display the score showing the exchange of musical
material from the different locations.

c. A multi channel sound system will provide distinct localization of the
performances from the various cities.

d. Real time audio/video streaming from Munich will transmit the actual opera

The performances in deWaag and STEIM on May 3, 4 and 6 will make it possible for
the audience to witness this unique musical event in its multiple facets.

To encourage the audience to visit this performance at both locations, tickets
sold in Amsterdam will be valid for all performances, at STEIM as well as de
Waag. Concerts start at 20:00 on May 3 and 6, at 22:00 on May 4. Doors will open
half an hour earlier.

Web version: http://www.orpheuskristall.net

Stage version: World premiere: May 3, 8 p.m. 

Additional performances: May 4, 10 p.m.; May 6, 8 p.m., STEIM/DeWaag, Amsterdam
Tickets: EUR 5,- passepartout.

Manfred Stahnke (composition), Simone de Mello (libretto), Peter Hirsch (musical
director), Bettina Wackernagel (concept & director), Peter Staatsmann
(dramaturgy), Stefanie Wilhelm (stage design), Claudia Jung (costume design),
Georg Hajdu (computer music), Bettina Westerheide (concept & Web design)
Singers: Julia Henning, Annette Kleine, Anne-Carolyn Schlüter, Thomas E. Bauer

Musicians: Robyn Schulkowsky, Ensemble Resonanz & Burkhard Jäckle, Stefan
Schneider, Michael Herdemerten, Christofer Varner, Michael Büttler 

Internet musicians: Anne La Berge, Erhard Hirt, Marko Ciciliani, Barbara Lüneburg, Mari
Kimura, Hans Tammen, David Wessel, Chris Brown, Roberto Morales 

Initiative: Jens Cording, Siemens Arts Program

The Amsterdam performances were made possible by funding from the
Interfund/Fonds voor de PodiumKunsten, Waag Society and STEIM.

For more information: floor {AT} waag.org or marko {AT} ciciliani.com
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