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[Nettime-nl] Culturejammers Delight LVC Leiden
Kees stad on Sat, 31 Aug 2002 02:26:04 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Culturejammers Delight LVC Leiden

Van 31 augustus-4 september speelt zich in Leiden de Europese
conferentie van People's Global Action af (zie voor het programma:

Op dinsdagavond wordt het podium van LVC vrijgegeven aan
communicatie-terroristen uit uiteenlopende streken van het Fort (en
zelfs daar buiten):

The program for the Culturejammers Delight
will look something like this:

(Tuesday Sept. 3, 20.00 uur LVC, Breestraat 66)

*) Luther Blissett soundbite: the historical/sterical live radio
program from 1995 in Rome, where a radio-listener called other
listeners to start a party in a public transport bus from line nr.
40…. The rest could be followed live on the radio (including the
police shooting in the air at the nr. 39 bus they tried to use after
being thrown out of nr. 40)
*) AFRIKA Communication Guerrilla Tactical Froebelworkshop.
Tales from the world of public space and corporate spoofs. About
tactical use of spaces in society of control/empire. Trying to sum
up how THEY are controlling us, modes of control through
"procedures" and how WE are already dealing with it. Developing a
way of doing. Possibly with a bit of an experiment during the
*) Aik Kramer : Skating through corporations, spoken word
*) Eimigrative Art: Farewell to political parties/ people think,
people speak/ Belgrade-Bruxelles political panorama. (with
* ) short video film intermezzo: The Piefight Club 2003
*) Yomango: yomango is a new brand name promoting the free
circulation of goods and the liberation of desire. yomango is about
inventing new gestures that, once repeated, open new worlds for us
to inhabit. It is with you in your best moments, your free-est
moments. it is very much inside of you. yomango, because you
can't buy happiness.
*) Presenting three visual intrusions: *) Mask factory: mass
production  of masks at the Quebec FTAA summit. *) Syndicate:
Using visuals in a local consulta about gentrification of brixton
london. *) Atelier des invisables: a prop workshop held at the
brussels anti-EU meeting.
*) Final: Free Willy, the Movie (in 10 minutes this film explains the
development of civilised society and how to get rid of it). By Robert
Dehoux, who might also attend the show. Film ends with the
warcry  "Why don't we just do it! Just do it".

Last minute additions always to be expected (Universal Embassy

Open Pop Star music….

Language will be mostly English, unless someone wants to speak
anything else (or not at all…)


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