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[Nettime-nl] STEIM invites to discussion on October 15
knock on Tue, 8 Oct 2002 13:44:10 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] STEIM invites to discussion on October 15

STEIM autumn / winter discussion series

STEIM presents a new series of autumn / winter discussions, presenting the working 
methods of those  active in developing electronic music and media performance. These 
discussions are intended as an open dialog to engage in the theoretical and practical 
approaches to contemporary musical practice.

October 15th: Anne La Berge and David Dramm

Anne La Berge is a pioneer flutist/composer, working since the late \'70\'s with interactive 
computer systems, microtonality, improvisation and as a leading interpreter of contemporary 
chamber music. 
At the core of her work lies the sound that first gained her an international reputation paving 
the way for a new, more physical approach to the flute: \" The miracle of her sound technique 
is supported by, among other things, different lip-positions, attacks, ways of breathing, 
distance from the microphone-everything has been foreseen and elaborated\",  writes 
Muusika. \" Her textures are often two-voiced. It is all so complicated that it defies description 
and yet it sounds very natural, like a bird\'s song.\" Entracte adds, \'This next to, and often 
combined with, normal flute playing; her playing is fully virtuosic.\'
Anne La Berge grew up in Minnesota, USA and has lived since 1989 in Amsterdam. She 
currently performs with David Dramm, Cor Fuhler, Gert Jan Prins, Anna McMichael and in 
numerous improvisation and chamber music projects in Europe.  In the spring of 2002 she 
toured the US with Gert-Jan Prins and Cor Fuhler with their trio \'United Noise Toys\', with 
Lukas Simonis with their duo \'Moaning Balsa\', and with the improvising quartet RASP. She 
can be heard in a range of settings from modern ballet music in the Stadschouwburgs of 
Holland to improvised electronic music in the local squat. In October 1999 she started, with 
a group of colleagues, the series \"Kraakgeluiden in de binnenstad\" for weekly 
electro-acoustic improvisation sessions in  Amsterdam. This series has received national 
recognition for it\'s adventuresome programming. It has also received financial support for 
it\'s fourth year from the Dutch government for the 2002-2003 season.
In the 2001 season she commissioned Anne Wellmer and Alison Isadora to compose solo 
works for her  interactive/improvised music and video. These works, \" Travelling barefoot\" 
and ‘Native Tongue’ have toured Holland and will continue to receive performances. She 
commissioned and performed the Flute Concerto #1 by Hanna Kulenty with the Dutch 
ensemble, The Ereprijs, and performed her own works, The Freaks went to sea and Cross, 
at festivals throughout Europe and the US. She is currently composing works using the 
program LiSa developed by STEIM in Amsterdam. She is a regular performer and composer 
in Georg Hajdu\'s MAX/MSP internet piece, Quintet.net.
She is adviser for Brannen and Kingma flute companies, specifically for the development of 
new extended-system flutes. Her repertoire is composed for these instruments. Her works 
and CD blow are published by Frog Peak Music.
Downloads: http://kalvos.org/laberge.html
David Dramm (b.1961) was born in Illinois, growing up in San Diego, California. His 
composition studies began with Robert Erickson at University of California, San Diego and, 
later, at Yale University with Louis Andriessen and Earle Brown. \" The Volkskrant\" described 
his music as \"the ground-breaking terrain between Charles Ives, Jimi Hendrix and Lou 
Reed.. \" The NRC Handelsblad\"  wrote, \" As rock musician, writer and composer, Dramm is 
creating a furore in Holland.\" 

His performances include appearances in such diverse venues as the Amsterdam 
Concertgebouw, the BIM-huis and Paradiso. His music has been performed regularly 
throughout Europe and elsewhere including Woch Der Niederländischen Musik in Leipzig, 
Darmstadt, Freunde Guter Musik in Berlin, Holland Festival, Dutch Music Days, New Music 
Days in Tallinn, Estonia and the Finnish \" Time of Music\"  Festival. Recent commissions 
have included works for ASKO Ensemble, Orkest  \" de Volharding\", the Albany Symphony, 
Tomoko Mukaiyama, Aurelia Saxophone Quartet, Frances-Marie Uitti and Scapino Ballet. He 
collaborates regularly with flutist Anne La Berge and filmmaker David Lammers. Dramm\'s 
unconventional arrangements for artists such as John Cale, Ellen ten Damme and Junkie 
XL have been widely  broadcast and recorded.

His evening-length composition, commissioned by November Music, \"Orange  Slice\" was 
performed at the Swiss EXPO in Biel this summer. He is presently at work on a new 
chamber opera with a libretto by novelist Hafid Bouazza.

Recordings of his music are available on BVHaast, Vanguard Classics, Einstein, 
Composer\'s Voice and X-OR. Dramm\'s music is published by MGN and voLsap Music.
David Dramm lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Tuesday October 15, 20.30 hrs
Guests: Anne La Berge and David Dramm
Location: Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134
Entrance: free


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