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[Nettime-nl] STEIM autumn / winter discussion series
knock on Sun, 20 Oct 2002 13:11:05 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] STEIM autumn / winter discussion series

STEIM autumn / winter discussion series

STEIM presents a new series of autumn / winter discussions, presenting the working methods of those active in developing electronic music and media performance. These discussions are intended as an open dialog to engage in the theoretical and practical approaches to contemporary musical practice.

October 22nd: Amanda Steggell and Per Platou

The motherboard is a central element of the personal computer, the main circuit board to which one connects memory, peripherals and other devices, which extend the capabilities of the computer. Motherboard (the art group) may be described as a collective of artists and \'techsperts\' gathered around the core members Per Platou and Amanda Steggell, for various projects. The majority of their work has taken the form of installations and performative live art happenings, mediated and modulated by the intermediary influence of the net, and often integrate audience participation and interaction. Through their ambitious vehicles they explore the materiality and resistance of the net as a mediating instance.

In an informal setting Per & Amanda, based in Oslo and currently enjoying a short residency at Steim, will present some of their collaborative works, from theatrical/dance performances such as Nood, M {AT} ggie\'s Love Bytes, Digital Mosque, Switch Bitch (re:search for the cyberfemme) and Please Try To Speak English! to robotic or net-related installations like Botball, Fishbrowser, Sement and Mirage, several of which utilize Steim software like Image/ine and BigEye. In addition they will talk about their series of worklabs, events and seminars with keywords such as Hot Wired Live Art, the Momentum Hotwired Live Electronic Resistance Network Art Party Plan and Glitch. Finally, they will present a pitch for a new project; a split-location tennis match with the working title Game, Set, Match.

The emphasis will be on the problematic field of contextualisation within the scene of art/performance and \"new technology\", and everyday problems like choice of technologies, funding and collaboration.

Amanda Steggell [ Yokohama / Japan ]
British citizenship, residing in Norway since 1985.
Completed her dance education at London College of Dance and Drama in 1985, and studied choreography at the Norwegian Ballet Academy, Oslo, from 1992-94. She has choreographed several works for the stage and screen and worked as guest teacher at several institutions of visual and performing art. Occasional vj, video editor, web mistress, consultant and conference speaker. She has written articles on, and received a series of artist grants for investigation into performance technologies.

Per Platou [ Oslo / Norway ]
Studied media theory, criminology, history of ideas and film/drama in Oslo and London. Background in alternative media, mainly F.EKS magazine (90-97) and Radio Nova (84-93). He founded DBUT in 1989, an alternative distribution network, record company and production company for sound, film, art and media. In 1995 he started NOOD, a project dedicated to sound exchange on the internet, have since then directed and produced a number of sound/art works and workshops. Freelance curator and journalist on digital art and hacktivism, and programmer/board member for the Norwegian Short Film Festival.

http:// www.liveart.org

Tuesday October 22, 20.30 hrs
Guests: Amanda Steggell and Per Platou
Location: Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134
Entrance: free


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