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[Nettime-nl] Steim invitation discussion
knock on Sun, 10 Nov 2002 23:42:07 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Steim invitation discussion

STEIM autumn / winter discussion series

STEIM presents a new series of autumn / winter discussions, presenting the 
working-methods of people who are active in developing electronic music and 
media-performance. These discussions are intended as an open dialog to engage in the 
theoretical and practical approaches to contemporary musical practice.

November 12th: Cor Fuhler and Gert-Jan Prins

Cor Fuhler and Gert-Jan Prins are both prominent members of the European electronic 
improvisation scene. Living in Amsterdam and working internationally, both together in the 
'Flirts' duo and on individual projects, their work exudes energy and virtuostic skill in their 
respective multi-faceted, highly experimental yet very musical work. A review of their recent 
CD release introduces ‘The Flirts’ as combining a relentless yet subdued energy with an 
endless stream of fresh ideas.

Cor and Gert-Jan are both founding members of the group MIMEO  (The Music In Movement 
Electronic Orchestra) with musicians including Kaffe Matthews and Christian Fennesz, 
which came into existence in 1997 and has been influential in the European improvisation 

Cor Fuhler

Amsterdam-based Cor Fuhler works in the improvised field of electronic and contemporary 
music scenes. Piano is his main instrument, and he seeks to take it musically beyond usual 
perceptions (with use of computerised VC String Stimulators). Fuhler also manipulates 
sounds from turntables, Linguaphones, springs etc and filters them through an analogue 
synth: the EMS Synthi AKS. He often builds his own instruments/instalations/modifications 
such as the ‘Keyolin’: a violin with keys.  

Gert-jan Prins
Electronics, fm-modulations, tv percussion

His unique self-developed live-electronics makes use of radio- and transmittertechnology, 
and creates strong noises with great physical energy. Prins' career as an improvising 
musician began in 1984 when he started an industrial-free-jazz group called ‘Gorgonzola 
Legs’; for him this was a period of intense experiments. Those have formed the basis of his 
current approach of percussion and electronics. Prins focusses on percussive and 
environmental noise creating a music that can be characterised by pure rawness in volume 
and sound, but also utilising subtlety in color through specific use of scraping, rasping and 
other noise sounds. During the last three years Gert-Jan Prins, living in Amsterdam, 
established himself as one of the central electronic performers in improvised music. 
Current collaborations include E-RAX (with Peter van Bergen and Thomas Lehn), The Flirts 
with Cor Fuhler, MIMEO (ensemble de musique électronique de 12 musiciens (Rowe, 
Durrant, Fennesz, Fuhler, Lehn, Matthews Noetinger, Prins, Rehberg, Schmickler, Toral, 
Wettstein) and he played with Fred van Hove, Johannes Bauer, Lee Ranaldo, Anne la Berge, 
Mats Gustafsson, Luc Houtkamp and Misha  Mengelberg. He performed on international 
festivals & clubs, in Holland, Belgium, Austria, France, Germany, USA, Mexico, Canada, 
Switserland, Spain, Sweden and South Africa. 



Tuesday NOvember 12, 20.30 hrs
Guests: Cor Fuhler and Gert-Jan Prins 
Location: Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134
Entrance: free



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