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[Nettime-nl] Amsterdam: Workshop -- Open Source Multimedia Tools
derek holzer on Tue, 18 Mar 2003 01:08:03 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Amsterdam: Workshop -- Open Source Multimedia Tools

Amsterdam: Workshop -- Open Source Multimedia Tools

10 t/m 13 april 2003

Costs: 100,- [Scholarships Available, please inquire to Montevideo: marloes {AT} montevideo.nl ]

Max Participants: 25
Bring your own laptop or use machines from the medialab at Montevideo.

Guests (subject to change) : Günter Geiger, Andrey Savitsky, Iohannes Zmölnig, Johannes Taelman, Thomas Musil and Derek Holzer

This workshop will focus on Open Source software for the real-time manipulation of audio and video. The dual package of Pure Data and GEM, offer a complete set of tools for sound, multimedia and VJ purposes. Topics will include: real-time audio and video processing, creating a custom user-interface, using and creating external objects, an overview of other free and open source audio and video tools for Linux.

Discussion and presentation workshop

Sunday April 13

15.00 hrs

Admission: free

A discussion on open source software versus commercial software, the artistic use of multimedia tools and the future of open source. After the discussion a short presentation of the workshop will take place.

Participants: Robert de Geus, Derek Holzer, Günter Geiger, Andrey Savitsky, Iohannes Zmölnig, Thomas Musil, Johannes Taelman + others TBA


Montevideo/ Netherlands Media Arts Institute




Günter Geiger

Andrey Savitsky

IOhannes Zmölnig

Johannes Taelman

Thomas Musil

Derek Holzer


----thurs april 10:
-introduction PD, GEM: installation, configuration, learning your way around, focus on data structures, tables + audio 
-introduction DeMuDi: installation, basic configuration, package overview
-discussion: other open-source audio-visual tools: various packages + DeMuDi

----fri april 11:
-intermediate PD, GEM: making instruments, various libraries, live processing, focus on matrices + video
-intermediate DeMuDi: more configuration, Jack, Ardour, Ecasound [other important sound apps?]
-discussion: working artists who use open source tools

---sat april 12:
-advanced PD, GEM: "patchmanship" [creating efficient + usable patches], new user interfaces, using and creating externals, networking with OSC
-advanced DeMuDi: advanced configuration, getting the bugs out, Cinerella/Broadcast + other video tools
-discussion: hardware "reclaimation"--old hardware, game/portable hardware [PDA, XBox, mobile phone..? etc], ultrasound, sonar, accelerometers...

---sun april 13:
-discussion: "open source: it just tastes better" [overview of open source multimedia philosphy + tools for general audience]
-open source jam: participants and guests rock out with ideas worked on over past 3 days. not a "performance", just informal + fun!

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