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[Nettime-nl] [ZEROGLAB ROTTERDAM] - lost+found BLOG

11:09 17-4-2003
to nettime-nl, mateor news den haag [Mucho Trabajo, Poco Dinero]+ u.r.


today i got an email from Victor Reijkersz member of the Rotterdam city
council for Leefbaar Rotterdam. This party makes/brakes the rules in
Rotterdam today. It was an invitation for a debate about several issues,
drugs, housing.

Participants are the representatives of the youth organizations of the
parties in the council. Only D66 was not invited. 


I contacted D66 at the town hall. They didn't know anything about the

I went to the debate of L.R. To show up. With a member of the youth org. of
D66. LR runs an own cafe in downtown Rotterdam. A real Dutch traditional so
called brown cafe, annex restaurant. Good kitchen, b.t.w.

There where about 40 people, most of them L.R. members, Lijst Pim Fortuyn
members, de Maas, one of the leaders of LPF (a party in the Dutch
parliament). Quite a lot of bodyguards. 
There where about 10 nazis as well. 10%. They looked like nazis, they talked
like nazis, they where nazis. I have heard them telling that they go
tomorrow to demonstrate against the mosque, to be build here in Rotterdam.
Since the 2nd world war there has not been a party so close with Nazis and
so close to the power here in the Netherlands.

The rest of the audience was average Dutch, many has spent time obviously on
the canarians, or majorca, curacao, or just going to the solarium. They had
quite sunny brown faces for this season.

I asked a nazi who was walking around ( with a small austrian flag pinned on
his left arm) in the L.R. cafe with a poster against arabs (the arab
european league), what this is all about. He told me with some pride that
they don't hate the jews and israel, but the arabs nowadays. He was quite
proud of it, that he was so enlightened and contemporary. & enjoying the
protection of LR & LPF. The barkeepster asked me why do i look so
frightened. My face was telling more i guess. I did not tell her why. 

I told the nazi that maybe at the next election i will vote for the arab
european league. The nazi looked shocked, and asked me why? Because at this
moment the arab european league is the only pan-european party in Holland.
This is why.

17:06 16-4-2003

It is almost a year that Holland has no proper government and an incapable
minister president. Falling apart, like the rest. Welcom in europe. More
police on the streets. Football, pop, maffia. Young asylum seekers (under
18) are locked up in camps, with a capo system, the rookies have green
shirts, and the seniors have red. Most of them are black. The green shirts
are not allowed to visit the rooms of the red shirts. they are not allowed
to watch the Dutch TV channels, contact the Dutch people. They are not
allowed to see Santa Claus. It is 'verboten'. (S.C. is spanish here in
holland. I always thought it was Finnish anyway. i have seen his house in
lapland on the north pole circle) The redshirts and the greenshirts are not
beaten. They are treated .... hm.... as human beings. Apartheid.

The killer of Pim Fortuyn has been sentenced for 18 year in prison.

11:20 17-4-2003

witte de with, rotterdam, something is going on there. interesting
it is not the usual boring incrowd artstuf. i couldn't immediately decide
yet what it is. thus, it is ok.

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