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[Nettime-nl] tactical tech job
Richard Rogers on Fri, 9 May 2003 22:24:38 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] tactical tech job

please pardon the posting in English


Tactical Tech Job in Amsterdam

Reply to ttc {AT} tacticaltech.org

The Tactical Technology Collective (Tactical Tech) is seeking a 
Co-ordinator to support our ambitious project to help NGOs use new 
technologies in developing countries.

Tactical Tech is a non-profit stichting based in Amsterdam. Its 
mission is to initiate, drive and support the use of new technologies 
as a tactical tool by civil society organisations worldwide. It is a 
young organisation established by experienced partners working on a 
range of projects in developing and transition countries.

Tactical Tech's work is focused on three areas;
- Developing the NGO technology sector at the local level. This 
involves establishing 'eRider' projects (NGO roving ICT consultants) 
and creating opportunities for learning and exchange amongst 
activists and technologists.
- Promoting accessible technologies (such as Open Source) to the 
non-profit sector, as well as driving the development and 
dissemination of various strategic technology tools and materials 
related to NGOs.
- Strengthening civil society networks through information based 
analysis, planning and advice. This is complimented by providing 
access to a 'toolbox' for professional, knowledge sharing, project or 
advocacy networks.

We are seeking a co-ordinator to:
a. Oversee documentation, learning and research from our range of projects
b. Lead the development of an online clearing house and a user network
c. Work with Tactical Tech's partners to create project starter kits
d. Provide logistical support to workshops & events
e. Provide support to Tactical Tech's partners where necessary

The ideal candidate will be resourceful, able to take initiative, be 
a good networker and communicator, flexible, organised and a quick 
learner. Good English writing skills are essential.

Candidates must have 1-2 yrs experience in either the NGO or New 
Technology sector or a relevant Masters degree. They must have a good 
working knowledge of basic new technologies and a proven interest. 
They must also be committed to working in the NGO sector.

International work experience and language skills (Spanish, French or 
Russian) are a bonus, but not essential.

This is a full time position under a one year contract.

Please apply by email with resume and cover letter to 
ttc {AT} tacticaltech.org by Monday 26th May. Interviews will be held the 
following week.
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