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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Announcement Spring/Summer Discussion

Ragnar Helgi Olafsson, Islandic sound & web artist, will discuss and
demonstrate his engaging views on non-linear time metaphors, sound
art installation space and the internet as a playful public space, in
what promises to become a highly unusual evening.
His strive to dis/engage himself from his nations roots of
storytelling, towards more non-linear non-narrative, led him
formatively from a philosophers background to film directing at the
New York Film Academy and from there to the much freer environment at
the prestigious Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Aix-en Provence, France. His
current mind set is lodged in integrating his work in the context of
contemporary dance, as an artist-in-residence at STEIM.

Linearity disrupted - Sound as a metaphor for time - "PetSounds"
Most would agree that SPACE is revealed to us largely through vision.
TIME, on the other hand, reveals itself to us mainly through sound.
This is the basic premise of PetSounds and reason why PetSounds is
not a visual installation: There is simply nothing to seeŠ

On-line Trash-Can:
WebWaste is a real universal, on-line rubbish dump; a collective yet
anonymous dustbin, open to all Internet users. You can look through
what other people have thrown away, add your own waste and take stuff
home. It is an open public space. Anyone can enter; everyone can
participate and thereby leave a «footprint» in cyber spaceŠ

see further http://www.webwaste.net/

Biographical note:


Born in Reykjavik Iceland, Ragnar Helgi Olafsson studied hermeneutics
and political-philosophy from 1991-1997. Moving to France, he
graduated from Aix-en Provence School of Fine Arts in 2001.
Having made short films and animations he now works chiefly with new
media in installations and web-based art, his work revolving around
the themes of participatory narrativity, time and memory.
Ragnar's most recent works include the interactive sound-installation
ImmigrantSong, exhibited at Grandrok, Reykjavik, the
sound-installation PetSounds [v0.7], exhibited at STEIM in Amsterdam,
and www.webwaste.net exhibited at Digit {AT} rt at The Cité des Science et
de l'Industrie in Paris.
He lives and works in Reykjavik.


2002 La Villette, Paris - Digitart: La Villette Numerique Biannal, 25/9 - 10/10
« WebWaste » Web-site
2002 Austurbær, Reykjavik. and elsewhere (August-December)
« Life, death, happiness & stuff » Sound sensative visuals and video
projections at concerts of musical group Ske.
2002 GrandRokk, Reykjavík. 5/6 - 15/6
« Immigrant Song » Interactive sound installation (outdoor), for 6
speakers, 2 microphones, a computer and a bar
2002 Vesturport, Reykjavik. "Show?",  20/6
« ContreChant » Interactive audio performance for a computer and a sopran
(collaboration with Julie Coadou)
2002 STEIM, Amsterdam,  Hollandi. 15/1 - 29/1
« PetSounds » Interactive sound installation, for 8 speakers, a
microphone and a computer
2002 ADM in Neveritaweg, Amsterdam.  28/1
« E. A. Poe-try » An interactive sound and video performance
(with Peter Sinclair, Nao Tanaka and Raphaelle Campana)
2001 Gallerie Espace Sextius, Aix-en-Provence, France. 4/6 - 15/10
« EchoHomo »  Interactive sound installation, for 6 speakers, 7 walls
of rockwool, a microphone and a computer

Date: Tuesday May 20th
Time: 20.30h
Venue: STEIM Achtergracht 19 (main entrance!) Amsterdam
Entrance: Free

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