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knock on Thu, 29 May 2003 23:58:34 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Announcement Spring/Summer Discussion

STEIM presents on Tuesday June 3rd at 20.30h as part of the
lecture/discussion series:

kristina andersen [dk/uk],  uk based danish interaction designer and
visual artist, who has, among others, closely collaborated with
vancouver based computer media artist thecla schiphorst and
dancer/choreographer susan kozel on their most recent interactive
media installation, the 'whisper' project.

she is an expert on the integration of washable/wearable
electronically responsive systems into garments (theatrical and of
everyday use - from future and bygone ages) as carriers for sensors .
for  her latest project'ensemble'  she developed a beautiful set of
wearable garments,  in close collaboration with artists and engineers
at steim,  which also exemplify the first generation of the labs
current research into 'hacked' new gestural controllers .

hot back from their first airing at the prestigious nime-03  (new
interfaces for musical expression) conference in montreal,  she will
be talking tonight about the background behind 'ensemble', show
videos from the tryout at nime and possibly lift some 'hems' on her
objects to allow glimpses of her explorations into cultural &
scientific theories of embodiments.


'ensemble' is a workshop for children. It investigates the use of
simple sensors as a means of playing a piece of electronic music.

'ensemble' is a suitcase full of sounds and clothes. Each piece of
clothing is a simple sensor that modifies a sound or a voice. The
sensor is incorporated into a garment and together each set have
their own possibilities for movement and control. The position of a
mans hat, the swoosh of a dress, the darkness of a ladies bag...

'ensemble' is an exercise in listening and finding yourself in a
complex sound field. it is an exercise in listening to each other
while playing together.

'ensemble is a live soundpiece played by by the orchestra of those
who dress up.

'ensemble' is being developed at STEIM by kristina andersen with
assistance from frank baldé, jorgen brinkman and michel waisvisz.

biographical  note:

kristina andersen

working with interactions and concepts to create objects, protocols
and experiences using human centered, iterative processes. current
projects include 'ensemble', a set of sensor based wearable musical
controllers developed for musical experiences for children developed
at STEIM [www.steim.nl].

designed and developed tangible interfaces, sensors and wearable
computers for 'whisper' [http://whisper.surrey.sfu.ca]. 'whisper'
uses physiological data as input in an environment of responsive
garments, sound and visualisation. it was developed through a series
of experience modelling workshops. 'whisper' was presented at DEAF
2003 in Rotterdam and at Respond/Future Physical in Cambridge.

previously research fellow at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
working on the FARAWAY research project with margot jacobs and laura
polazzi [www.ifonly.org] researching and designing interactions that
incorporate sensory and symbolic aspects of emotions and convey a
sense of presence between people who are physically distant but
emotionally close. the FARAWAY project is published in 'Funology:
from usability to enjoyment' Blythe, M.A., Overbeeke, K., Monk, A.F.
and Wright, P.C. (ed.s) Kluwer, 2003.

commercial projects vary from experimental/commercial software
interface design and information management to conceptual objects
from wearable furniture to toys. research projects include reGossip,
a research game platform using gossip and game play to generate
collaborative narratives [www.regossip.com] and WAG, a project
researching mobile phone text messaging as vehicles for support
systems for teenagers at risk.  MA in industrial design [specialising
in wearable computers] and M.Sc in Virtual Environments.



Date: Tuesday June 3rd
Time: 20.30h
Venue: STEIM Achtergracht 19 (main entrance!) Amsterdam
Entrance: Free

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