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[Nettime-nl] 404_FILE_NOT_FOUND hotriculture unit by Darko Fritz {AT} ARTIST
darko fritz on Mon, 27 Oct 2003 09:28:20 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] 404_FILE_NOT_FOUND hotriculture unit by Darko Fritz {AT} ARTISTEXTURE . Zadar . Croatia


hotriculture unit | flower installation by Darko Fritz

26 . 10 - 16 . 11 . 2003 . Zadar . Croatia


2.5 x 25 m flower installation is set-up at Forum in Zadar [Croatia] as part
of the ARTISTEXTURE [art interventions in urban space] project.

The work consists of erecting and maintaining a flower bad 2.5 x 25 metres
in size. It is the artistic installation made of materials used for urban
horticulture: flowers, humus, grass and gravel (for paths in parks). A
typographical picture is shaped out of the mentioned materials. The textual
context of the picture is a text found in the computer language that says
404_FILE_NOT_FOUND. It is an error report which appears in the Internet
communication: a machine communicates with another machine about protocols
of failed communication [HTML server error], and thus providing the user
with the insight into the problem. 404_FILE_NOT_FOUND is an untranslatable
syntagm existing only in English (adapted to machines).
In the context of an artistic intervention in the urban tissue of Zadar, the
installation is placed in a location which contains the ancient urban
history, and its purpose has changed more than once. See more on location
history and its urbanism from Roman times on ARTISTEXTURE web-site.
Work is using only the flowers from warehouses belonging to the company for
the maintenance of a green of the city of Zadar. The maintenance is entirely
in the hands of the same company, too.


art interventions in urban space

26 . 10 - 16 . 11 . 2003 . different locations [at Forum and Riva] . Zadar

curators: Iva Rada Jankovic . Pero Marusic

artist and architects: Are You Meaning Company [Japan] . Gruppo A12 [Italy]
. Ivana Franke [Cro] . Darko Fritz [Cro/NL] . Nikola Blaskovic [Cro/D] .
Ivan Kozaric [Cro] . Vesna Pokas [Cro] . Ksenija Turcic [Cro]

[photos of all exhibited works will be on view from Wednesday 29th Oct 2003]


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