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[Nettime-nl] WochenKlausur, den haag
matthew fuller on Tue, 16 Mar 2004 13:33:54 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] WochenKlausur, den haag

March 19, at 17.00hrs
presentation by artists group WochenKlausur

at Bureau Optrek
Wijk-en Dienstencentrum Transvaal
Scheepersstraat 54, The Hague

WochenKlausur is an international group of 
artists, based in Vienna, whose practice is based 
on a far-reaching belief in the possibility of 
using art for concrete interventions. 
WochenKlausur aims to move in new directions that 
are responsive to the social role of art.
"Why shouldn't art be able to interfere directly 
and make concrete contributions to ecological, 
social, political or scientific problems? In the 
sense of a social response from art, 
possibilities exist beyond the traditional and 
typical use of metaphors insinuations and art 
related representations." WochenKlausur attempts 
"to use the credibility of art in a very 
pragmatic way. Through concrete interventions 
they focus attention upon social injustices and 
create achievable programmes capable of 
addressing these problems".
A full list of Wochenklausur interventions can be 
found below, and on their website 


WochenKlausur interventions

Intervention to Provide Former Drug Abusers with 
Occupational Qualifications Wien
Intervention to Provide Individualized Activities 
for Mentally Disabled People Graz

Intervention in Voting Systems Stockholm

Intervention in Community Development Steiermark/NÖ

Intervention to Improve the Conduct of Public Debate Nürnberg
Intervention for participation with the organization of the public area Krems
Intervention in Japanese Schools Fukuoka

Intervention to Set up Language Schools in Macedonia Venedig

Intervention for the Future of Work Linz
Intervention in Labor Market Policy Berlin

Intervention in Community Development Ottensheim

Intervention in a Deportation Detention Facility Salzburg
Intervention in a School Wien

Intervention to Integrate Refugees Graz

Intervention in the Social Situation of Elderly People Civitella d´Agliano
Intervention in Drug Policy Zürich

Intervention to Aid Homeless People Wien

wochenklausur {AT} wochenklausur.at

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