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[Nettime-nl] Impakt Online Open Call: Translation
Impakt Online on Mon, 17 May 2004 13:30:14 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Impakt Online Open Call: Translation

Open call Impakt Online 2004

The Impakt foundation invites to artists to send proposals for their online
art project Impakt Online. Impakt would like to show six projects by artists
who use the Internet as medium as a starting point for their work (net.

The Impakt foundation started in 1988 by organising the Impakt Festival in
Utrecht, the Netherlands. At this festival Impakt presents its audience with
the newest developments in the audiovisual arts, film, video, new media and

Impakt Online
Since 2003 Impakt expanded their terrain with Impakt Online. Impakt Online
gives artists the opportunity to realise their net.art projects. Each year,
Impakt Online selects six artists and supports them in accomplishing and
presenting their net.art projects. Impakt deliberately chooses projects
which use specific elements of the Internet. Next to projects that
exclusively exist on the Internet, Impakt Online actively looks for projects
which connect the Internet to the real world and vice versa.

During the past year Impakt Online has worked with three themes which were
used as a starting point for the artists. Different artists have developed
projects within these themes, some of these projects include Beadgee by
Tamar Schori, E-bay Longing and the Inhabitants by Marika Dermineur.

Impakt Online 2004: Translation
Impakt Online has chosen the theme: 'Translation' for the projects that will
be realised this year. In the world of the Internet,
translation is a daily practice. It can be a computertranslation from
Russian to English, from one programming language to another, or a
transformation of data relating to physical and tangible occurences to
virtual and digital data.

The intention of Impakt Online is to research in which matter translation
plays a role for artists who produce art on the Internet,
or make use of its structure.

The way in which artists make use of the Internet to develop its own
aesthetics and means of translation is important for the realisation of the
themes. Impakt Online wants to use the term translation to investigate the
use of the Internet in a critical and fundamental way.

The practical implications of translation can take different forms. A
possible form can be a translation between real and virtual worlds. These
are projects in which elements from the real world are being translated to a
virtual environment or vice versa. Of course a translation between virtual
environments, (like translation of online user input) can also be a
possibility. Translation of this tangible, often quantitative data between
environments can lead to new points of view.
Another form can be the translation of more qualitative data, such as
transferring exisiting cultural, aestethic or social themes, into various
medial online formats.

Since Impakt runs a tight schedule, we urge artists to hand in their
proposals as soon as possible. Our deadline for submission has been set on
july 1st.

Only proposals that are relevant to the theme will be taken into account.
Projects that have already been publicly presented are excluded from

A proposal has to consist of the following parts:
- an abstract of the concept. (200 to 400 words)
- a summary of the technical and productional plan. (200 words max.)
- a summary of the relation between the project and the theme 'translation'
or one of the subthemes. (200 words max.)
- information about the phase the project is in at the moment, the steps
which have to be taken to finishing the project, pertaining to the current
project phase, and the estimated budget that is needed to finish it.

Please note that all proposals must be in English. The final project should
also be in English unless of course the use of other languages is part of
the concept of the proposed project.

Please send in your proposal by email to: online {AT} impakt.nl

Impakt Online is looking forward to your proposal!

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