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[Nettime-nl] Phonographic Migrations 3:SoundscapeFM
derek holzer on Thu, 29 Jul 2004 17:30:37 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Phonographic Migrations 3:SoundscapeFM

*Phonographic Migrations 3:SoundscapeFM*


SoundscapeFM is on the air in Stralsund, Germany at 94.6 MHz FM, and 
streaming on the internet at:


As part of Garage Festival 2004:


---Phonographic Migrations 3: SoundscapeFM
"Phonographic Migrations 3: SoundscapeFM" is a collaborative sound work 
which takes place during the Garage Festival in Stralsund, Germany from 
  23 July to 14 August. It takes the form of an FM radio broadcast, 
combined with a user-uploadable database filled with field recordings 
taken from all over the world. In this way, the local radio is made an 
interface to the global as the residents and visitors in Stralsund 
suddenly have the chance to immerse themselves in an Amazonian 
rainforest, a Baltic ice-flow or a Vietnamese street market--sometimes 
mixed together into one acoustic environment.

---SoundscapeFM at Garage Festival
In the weeks before Garage, various field-recordists and soundscape 
artists were invited to contribute recordings made in locations ranging 
from Iceland to Malaysia. All sound material is held on a server which 
is installed at Garage Festival, and which creates an algorithmic mix of 
all the tracks submitted. New tracks can be continuously added via a 
website or uploaded locally at the Festival, resulting in a wider range 
of possible new soundscapes which can develop. These soundscapes are 
broadcasted locally with an FM transmitter, streamed to the internet and 
made available through an online database where listeners can find out 
more about the sounds and the artists as well as download their favorite 

The basis of "Soundscape FM" comes out of the "Phonography" community, 
which is a loose-knit group of amateur sound hunters, sound artists, 
electronic musicians and professional sound recordists who collect and 
share field recordings taken from various places around the world. Their 
personal interests range from wind and water sounds, wildlife recordings 
and natural radio emissions of the ionosphere to urban environments, 
improvised situations and the resonance of solid objects. Likewise, 
their treatment of these sounds varies from individual to individual, 
some preferring a "pure", un-composed approach while others make 
extensive edits and post-processing to get the sounds they are listening 
for. The Phonography community gets together largely through a website 
http://www.phonography.org/, a handful of mailing lists, a Yahoo group 
http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/phonography/ and recordings on
various labels such as Seattle's And/OAR records  http://www.and-oar.org/.

---Phonographic Migrations
"Phonographic Migrations" is the name of a series of remote projects 
based on exchanges of field recordings. The first two projects in the 
series are coordinated by Yannick Dauby and Dale Lloyd, and have been or 
will be published by Tiramizu and and/OAR Records, respectively. Its 
principle is to invite phonography enthusiasts to involve their 
recordings into a process of collaboration, that will be materialized 
into a publication or a public event, physical or on-line. The aim of 
these projects is introduce the possibility for participants to share 
sound information about one's environments through divergent channels, 
and consequently to enact a collective soundscape. There is no copyright 
on the "Phonographic Migrations" concept, and anyone is free to initiate 
a similar project.

---Want to Participate?
Send your name, email and a short description of the sounds you would 
like to upload to: derek {AT} umatic.nl or derek {AT} x-i.net

---Organizers: "Phonographic Migrations 3: SoundscapeFM" for Garage 
Festival 2004
Yannick Dauby: yannick.dauby {AT} free.fr
Derek Holzer: derek {AT} umatic.nl, derek {AT} x-i.net
Sara Kolster: sara {AT} umatic.nl, sara {AT} x-i.net

Special thanks to:
Marc Boon for his Pretty Hot Programming-lessons and endless patience!
Olaf Matthes for his behind-the-scenes assistance!
Garage Festival, Carsten Stabanow, Jan Meier, Christian Engler for 
making it happen!
Sasker Scheerder for use of his secret equipment!

derek holzer ::: http://www.umatic.nl
---Oblique Strategy # 202:
"Back up a few steps.
What else could you have done?"

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