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Re: [Nettime-nl] The Website of the Impakt Festival 2004 is nowonline!
H S on Sun, 10 Oct 2004 21:37:06 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: [Nettime-nl] The Website of the Impakt Festival 2004 is nowonline!


FBI Seizes Indymedia Servers
     By Online Satff

     Friday 08 October 2004

     The FBI has issued an order to hosting provider Rackspace in the US,
ordering it to turn over two of the servers hosting the Independent Media
Centre's websites in the UK, a statement from the group says.

     Rackspace has offices in the US and the UK. Independent Media Center,
which is better known as Indymedia, was set up in 1999 to provide
grassroots coverage of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) protests in

     Rackspace complied with the FBI order, without first notifying
Indymedia, and turned over Indymedia's server in the UK. This affects over
20 Indymedia sites worldwide, the group said.

     Indymedia said it did not know why the order had been issued as it was
issued to Rackspace. Rackspace told some of the group's volunteers "they
cannot provide Indymedia with any information regarding the order." ISPs
have received gag orders in similar situations which prevent them from
updating the parties involved on what is happening.

     Indymedia said a second server was taken down at Rackspace. This
provided streaming radio to several radio stations, BLAG (a Linux
distribution), and a handful of miscellanous things.

     In August the US Secret Service used a subpoena in an attempt to
disrupt the New York city Independent Media Center before the Republican
National Convention by trying to get IP logs from an ISP in the US and the

     Last month the US Federal Communications Commission shut down
community radio stations around the US. Two weeks ago the FBI asked
Indymedia to remove a post on the Nantes IMC that had a photo of some
undercover Swiss police and IMC volunteers in Seattle were visited by the
FBI on the same issue.

     Indymedia said the list of local media collectives affected included
Amazonia, Uruguay, Andorra, Poland, Western Massachusetts, Nice, Nantes,
Lilles, Marseille (all France), Euskal Herria (Basque Country), Liege, East
and West Vlaanderen, Antwerpen (all Belgium), Belgrade, Portugal, Prague,
Galiza, Italy, Brazil, UK, part of the Germany site, and the global
Indymedia Radio site.


     Rackspace Statement Regarding Indymedia
     By Annalie Drusch
     Director, Corporate Communications
     Rackspace Managed Hosting

     Friday 08 October 2004

     In the present matter regarding Indymedia, Rackspace Managed Hosting,
a U.S. based company with offices in London, is acting in compliance with a
court order pursuant to a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT), which
establishes procedures for countries to assist each other in investigations
such as international terrorism, kidnapping and money laundering. Rackspace
responded to a Commissioner's subpoena, duly issued under Title 28, United
States Code, Section 1782 in an investigation that did not arise in the
United States. Rackspace is acting as a good corporate citizen and is
cooperating with international law enforcement authorities. The court
prohibits Rackspace from commenting further on this matter.

     For additional information on the MLAT, please visit findlaw.com

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