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[Nettime-nl] Monitoring Media Art Preservation
Marieke Istha on Fri, 4 Feb 2005 13:42:42 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Monitoring Media Art Preservation

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Monitoring Media Art Preservation

(English only)

For years the Danish Video Art Data Bank provided us with e-news about the international video art world and preservation. Now this initiative will have to stop and the European video and media art community could need a new provider. It was this realization that prompted the setup of the Netherlands Media Art Institutes plans. From January 2005 on the Netherlands Institute for Media Art will publish her Media Art Preservation Resources on her website www.montevideo.nl <http://www.montevideo.nl/> . New media art preservation research, visited events, publications and presentations will be published as an online newsletter. As a tribute to Torben Søborgs Video Art e-monitor we will call this service Monitoring Media Art Preservation.


Monitoring Media Art Preservation is the online newsletter on preservation of the Netherlands Media Art Institute and offers 4 times a year information and news about ongoing research, presentations and publications dealing with video and media art preservation. The newsletter will be in English only.


Subscribe/ Unsubscribe:  <mailto:preservation {AT} montevideo.nl> preservation {AT} montevideo.nl

Editor: Gaby Wijers  <mailto:gaby {AT} montevideo.nl> gaby {AT} montevideo.nl


INCCA Preservation and Presentation of Installation Art project

As of June 1, 2004, the Preservation and Presentation of Installation Art project, initiated by the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage, is officially under way. This research project into the management and conservation of installations is taking place within the framework of the EU's Culture 2000 program. 

The rapid obsolescence of media technologies, interactivity and, for instance, the site specific character of many installations are a challenge for prevailing views about long-term conservation, documentation and presentation. Thirty complex installations (many multimedia) are being set up, investigated and documented in the project. By sharing their experience the partners are working together in developing guidelines for conservation, re-installation and documentation of installation art.  <http://www.incca.org/> http://www.incca.org


Presentation PACKED 

Wednesday February 9 Markies building, Markiesstraat Brussels, Belgium.

PACKED stands for: Platform for the Archiving and Preservation of Artistic Creations on Electronic or Digital Bearers. PACKED is an initiative by the Flemish museums Smak and Muhka along with argos, centre for audiovisual arts. The full report of PACKED shall be presented in Brussels a Dutch version of the report will be made available online in February 2005.


9 February 2005, 

The preservation platform is targeted, among other things, towards the exchange and compilation of expertise and information on preservation and archiving, collection building and the public disclosure of audiovisual creations, as well discussions on the subject and the development of short-term policy preparation.  <http://www.packed.be/> http://www.packed.be


Media Art Preservation Conference 

Preservation or Documentation? Conservation or Digital Distribution

Media art works represent some of the most compelling and significant artistic creations of our time. Because of their short live, technical, or otherwise variable natures and because of the variability and rapid obsolescence of the media formats, they also present significant obstacles to accurate documentation, access, and preservation. Without strategies for preservation many of these vital works will be lost to future generations. 

February 14 2005 the Netherlands Media Art Institutes will offer the specialists in this field the opportunity to get a state of the art overview on the conservation and documentation of media art by presenting prominent international speakers and projects.

 <http://www.montevideo.nl/en/index_agenda.php?cat=o&id=106> http://www.montevideo.nl/en/index_agenda.php?cat=o&id=106>


Netherlands Media Art Institute
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istha {AT} montevideo.nl 
www.montevideo.nl <http://www.montevideo.nl/>  



Wonderwall  Exhibition from February 12 through 26 - Opening: SATURDAY, February 12, at 5:00 p.m.


Woody Vasulka improvises - Tuesday, February 15 - Start 8:30 p.m. - Entrance 3,50 / 2,50
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