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[Nettime-nl] 1st European Creative Commons meeting (17.-18.3.2005 Amster
Geert Lovink on Fri, 4 Feb 2005 15:14:32 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] 1st European Creative Commons meeting (17.-18.3.2005 Amsterdam)

> From:  Peter Bittner
> 1st European Creative Commons meeting (17. - 18. march 2005 in 
> Amsterdam)
> On the 17th and 18th of march 2005 Creative Commons Nederland invites
> all organizations and individuals involved in the European iCommons
> projects for a first European Creative Commons Meeting in Amsterdam.
> This meeting will take place in the framework of the Creative Capital
> Conference (www.creativecapital.nl) that is organized on the same
> dates by Stichting Nederland Kennisland in collaboration with Waag
> Society. Nederland Kennisland and Waag Society, together with the
> Institute for Information Law at the University of Amsterdam, form
> Creative Commons Nederland.
> At the time of writing the Creative Commons licenses have been ported
> for use in nine1 different European jurisdictions and in a
> substantial number of other European Counties the efforts are well
> under way. Our experience with the Creative Commons Licenses and
> their promotion has come to suggest that there are a) substantial
> differences in the institutional background between the US (where the
> licenses originate form) and (continental) Europe and b) that some of
> the challenges to a wider adoption of the Creative Commons license
> model (such as the practices and statutory position of collective
> rights management societies) are very similar throughout Europe.
> Additionally, some important legal frameworks that shape the legal
> space wherein Creative Commons must operate are formed on the level
> of the European Union.
> This situation calls for cooperation and collaboration among the
> individuals and organizations that back the Creative Commons Licenses
> in Europe. With this meeting we intend to explore in how far such a
> collaboration is possible, what it should focuses on and how we can
> shape it. During the second day of the meeting the chairman and
> founder of the Creative Commons project  Lawrence Lessig will
> participate in the meeting (t.b.c). This will provide the
> participants to discuss the issues raised during the first day with
> him and to look for possibilities of integrating  European
> experiences into the future development of the Creative Commons
> project.
> With this first European Creative Commons meeting we hope to
> establish a constructive collaboration between the different national
> projects that in the long run will enable us to share resources and 
> experiences, develop
> common projects and enables us to jointly react to policy
> developments on the European level. This meeting should focus on
> aspects of community building and the promotion of the Creative
> Commons Licenses in Europe. We want to avoid discussing the legal
> aspects of the Creative commons licenses in Europe at this point.
> Such a discussion could be part of a follow-up meeting.
> Programme:
> (note: the programme is part of the Creative Capital Conference. As a
> result of this there are no activities planned in mornings during the
> Conference Keynote Speeches. A full conference programme including
> all other conference threads will be available shortly).
> Thursday 17th of march:
> 1330 - 1500 1st round: (participation restricted to individuals and
> organizations involved in Creative Commons projects) Presentation of
> the different national Creative Commons Projects; Presentation of the
> Commons Project (t.b.c); What are possible forms of
> collaboration/coordination on the European Level.
> 1500 - 1700    2nd round: (participation open to all interested
> conference participants) what specific challenges are there for
> creative commons in Europe? What can be done (on a European level) to
> address these challenges? What are possible common projects? (the
> intention is to come up with a common agenda for creative commons in
> Europe).
> Friday 18th of march:
> 1100 - 1030:    Conference Keynote presentation by Lawrence Lessig 
> (t.b.c)
> 1315 - 1445 3rd round: (participation open to all interested
> conference participants) Presentation of the common agenda to
> Lawrence Lessig (t.b.c) and European/Dutch policy makers; discussion.
> Practical Information:
> The meeting will take place as part of the Creative Capital
> Conference in Central Amsterdam. Creative Commons Nederland will
> cover the conference fees for the participants of this meeting.
> Additionally can pay for lodging and travel expenses for a limited
> amount of participants. Creative Commons NL can also assist in
> finding accommodation for participants. In case of further questions
> or to register for the meeting please contact us at
> info AT creativecommons.nl.

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