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[Nettime-nl] PhD fellowship in Utrecht (Modified by Geert Lovink)
Franz Nahrada on Fri, 11 Feb 2005 08:40:20 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] PhD fellowship in Utrecht (Modified by Geert Lovink)

Vacancy for PhD-researcher (1,0 fte)

'The Geography and Evolution of the European Internet Infrastructure'

Job description

The project aims to understand why certain Internet nodes have grown 
out to
major European hubs of high-end Internet and other nodes have not. We
expect, apart from the traditional determinants of geographical location
and population density, that two other factors affect the growth of
bandwidth of a node. First, following Barabasi�s evolving network
model, the self-reinforcing mechanism of preferential attachment  future
connectivity is positively related to current connectivity is important.
The time of entry of a location in the Internet will thus affect its
current bandwidth. Second, the more a host region is specialised in
specific internet-intensive activities (both in academia and industry), 
faster its bandwidth grows. The project aims to model these 
using graph theory, and to estimate the resulting model statistically 
data on bandwidth, price (dependent variables), location, population
density, year of entry, and specialisation in internet-intensive 
(independent variables) for multiple European countries for the past 
years. The effect of institutions and policies is also investigated by
means of case studies on selected Internet nodes in The Netherlands.
The project is financed by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific
Research (NWO-NVN). The candidate will become a member of the Urban and
Regional research centre Utrecht (URU) and will follow Ph.D. courses
provided by NETHUR, ETIC and SIME. The project is a collaborative effort
with dr. A. Scharnhorst (KNAW-NIWI) and prof. R. Cowan (MERIT, 

Candidates with a Master's degree of equivalent (drs.) in geography,
transportation studies, economics, sociology, operations research or
related discipline, preferably with experience with quantitative 

Terms of employment
A full-time PhD-position for four years duration. Gross monthly salary
increases from Euro 1.813 in Year 1 to 2.394 in Year 4. We also offer a
pension scheme, a health insurance allowance and flexible employment
conditions. Conditions are based on the Collective Employment Agreement 
the Dutch Universities and salaries are supplemented with a holiday 
of 8% per year and a year-end bonus of 2% per year.

Further details
For more information, including the complete research proposal, please
contact dr. K. Frenken at k.frenken {AT} geog.uu.nl or (0031) (0)30 253 2466.

How to apply
Applications, including curriculum vitae, a list of referees (with 
contact info) and a description of experience relevant to the research
project, should be sent before 11th February 2005 to:
Utrecht University, Personnel Department, Faculty of Geosciences, Dept. 
Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning, PO Box 80115, 3508 TC
Utrecht, The Netherlands, or e-mailed to peno {AT} geog.uu.nl. Please mention
where you originally saw our advertisement and quote vacancy number 
in all communications.

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