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[Nettime-nl] Evening seminar for students, on Georges Didi-Huberman (22-2)(Modified by Geert Lovink)

Evening seminar on Georges Didi-Huberman

  The Department of Art History invites you to join
 an evening discussion on the work of
  the important French art historian and philosopher
 Georges Didi-Huberman,
  who will visit Amsterdam on 10-11 March
for a public lecture and a symposium.

Date: 22 February 2005,  
Time: 6-8pm
Place: Room 105, PC Hoofthuis, Spui.

During two hours, teachers, PhD researchers and students will introduce 
the major texts and discuss the work of Georges Didi-Huberman. 
Didi-Huberman is the author of controversial studies on Renaissance 
painting and sculpture (Fra Angelico), surrealism, photography and 
contemporary art. Much of his work has also focused on questions of 
methodology. He investigates, for example, ways of understanding and 
interpreting images, and the conceptual foundations of art history, 
particularly with regard to the writings of such art historians and 
philosophers as Aby Warburg, Erwin Panofsky, and Walter Benjamin.

Georges Didi-Huberman’s books are available in French, German and 
English; several texts have also been translated in De Witte Raaf 
(http://www.dewitteraaf.be ). A folder containing articles translated 
into English will be available at the art history library (Herengracht, 
286). Please ask at the desk.

Topics discussed will be of interest to art history students from all 
periods, as well as students from media and culture, and philosophy.

Introduction: Sophie Berrebi
Short presentations by:
Ilse van Rijn on Walter Benjamin and the question of aura
Alena Alexandrova on the imprint, in relation to the books on Charcot 
and Fra Angelico
Itay Sapir on Didi-Huberman and the discipline of art history
These will be followed by a public discussion on the main ideas of his 
work and how they can be used for research.


  Information on this evening: please contact Sophie Berrebi at 
berrebi {AT} uva.nl

Information on the Didi-Huberman lecture and conference
  on 10 and 11 March may be found at

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