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[Nettime-nl] 22 February: Lecture No 1 ON PATROL
De Appel on Mon, 21 Feb 2005 16:34:57 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] 22 February: Lecture No 1 ON PATROL

Tomorrow evening, 22 February 2005

A lecture by Jill Magid and Julia Scher on surveillance.

  J: Spoke briefly with Theo (sp) great! They are setting up a talk for 
us as either conversation or one after other or something cool. This 
would be fantastic, maybe we discuss topics? Liverpool project? Art in 
general? Engineering?
  Lets think along those lines would be good, and I told Theo also to 
think of topics he thinks audience would be into. Also comedy?

  J: As for comedy, good idea. There is so little work with a sense of 
humor so I think it would be good to point that out, and how it can 
even be a kind of weapon (a critique) without simply staying with 
'parody'. Do you have ideas of the
  general structure? Will we be official and show slides first and then 
talk or do it another way around? I was trying to think how we could 
almost perform it.

  J: Well, I can bring my really bad lip sync videos, really 
narcissistic but...so awful to watch...  but not sure if the DVD will 
play on local decks, there.., ill bring anyway (no chapters on the DVD 
so have to fast forward thru a long docu format... can talk about web 
stuff? Currently I have a piece in a show in Stuttgart that has loads 
of surveillance cameras trained on border areas, border crossing, 
territories etc... anything seems pertinent, no?

  J: There is a lot of talk about the show at De Appel being about 
surveillance in general and how so many perspectives of surveillance 
are on fear and control society. So I think we should focus on how our 
work has elements beyond that. I think the microwave stuff is 
interesting because it came from surveillance work and then got into 
this other, less known about space. The lip sync videos? I don't know 
them but it sounds great! So maybe we start with why we got into using 
cameras and then how we use them or move off from there in other ways?

  J: Theo and I organized that we three will meet on Monday at 5 and 
plan it better then...I will just bring stuff too and we can talk about 

start: 8 p.m.
  admission: €5,- (incl. exhibition)
  reservations: t. (020) – 62 55 651 / e. press {AT} deappel.nl
language: English

With special thanks to the American Embassy, The Hague

  De Appel
  Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10
  +31 (020) – 62 55 651
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