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[Nettime-nl] MediaRuimte_LAb[au]_February2005
hello on Tue, 22 Feb 2005 14:04:08 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] MediaRuimte_LAb[au]_February2005




..MediaRuimte cycle 2/3 

..with the support of: 
..Vlaamse Gemeenschap
..Commissie Architectuur
..en Vormgeving

  <http://www.lab-au.com/newsletter/february2005/images/vgc-logo.gif> .

..MediaRuimte program February - April 2005 

::Cycle 2 / 3 To be structured: .about inFORMation architecture

...Architecture and Urbanism are structural and functional disciplines
involved in the spatial
...and temporal organization of social, economic, political, … flows
through which they 
...also constitute a semantic system of signs and codes. All these
aspects define them as 
...organizational disciplines that process, analyse and structure data
while improving it 
...with a specific significance - meaning. A series of inter-relations
can be drawn between
...the practice and methods of architecture and information design in
the structuring and 
...visualization of information - like it is present in the development
of cartographies, 
...diagrams and maps, graphical user interfaces and hardware interfaces
as in the 
...development of the spatial construct itself, like networks, mixed
reality environments 
...and electronic space. The exhibition-cycle ‘‘information
architectures' through its different 
...events ( be it a music performance, a design interface or an
installation ) want to give an 
...introduction and an enlarged view to the topic. 

..Inviting for following exhibitions:

..MR.xpo 06: Structuring environmental data 
..MR.xpo 07: Processed deSIGN / deSIGN as process 
..MR.xpo 08: E.architecture / NET.architecture 

..All info ...




..Lakensestraat 104
..Brussels 1000 Belgium


..MR.xpo 06 


..24.02. - 2005
..hours: 17: 30 - 22: 00

..Entrance: 0€

..MediaRuimte, platform for digital art & architecture by LAb[au]

..MR.xpo 06 about " Information Architecture _ Structuring environmental
data "

..MVRDV, Metacity / Datatown
..M.Walczak + M.Wattenberg, Apartement


..ART+COM, Invisible Shape of Things Past


..Richard Saul Wurman, UNDERSTANDING

..All info ...
ata.htm> > 




..Lakensestraat 104
..Brussels 1000 Belgium
ane.htm> www.mediaruimte.be 


..MR.wav 15
..exploring the room

..Els Viaene 


..start: 21:00
..Entrance: 0€

..MediaRuimte, the digital media platform of LAb[au] presents:

..MR.wav 15 _ audiovisual concert Exploring the room featuring:
..Eavesdropper [ b ]
..Petersonic [ b ]
..Els Viaene [ b ]

...Mediaruimte invited new electronica prodigy Petersonic to reshape the
space . Together with
...fellow sound workers Els Viaene and Eavesdropper, he will sonically
explore the room from 
...within a central cube . Expect a night of belgian electronica
bringing comfort to your ears. 

..For all further info: [ ...
ane.htm> > ]

..** The concert will be audiovisually live-streamed on:
http://www.som.be <http://www.som.be/radio/web-radio.php> 






..Point, line, surface 
..computated in seconds 


..Artefact festival [ ... <http://www.artefact.vlaamsbrabant.be/> > ] 
..STUK, Leuven [ b ]..

..WHEN: NOW!!! 

..14.02 - 19.02.2005
..18.30 - 23.00 h

..Point, line, surface computed in seconds 
..new interactive installation by LAb[au] 

...In the installation ‘Point, Line, surface computed in Seconds' the
user creates out 
...of simple interactions, similar to drawing on a plane, a quadraphonic
sound and 3D
...environment. More than a audiovisualizer the project has a
site-specific spatial 
...dimension, covering the physical space of STUK's inner court with an
...one. The user recreates architecture into a play of light, colour and

. More information on: ...
<http://www.lab-au.com/files/doc/artefact.htm> >












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