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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Shadow Theater workshop by Schlammpeitziger
knock on Thu, 10 Mar 2005 09:09:12 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Shadow Theater workshop by Schlammpeitziger

STEIM workshop announcement:

On April 12 - 14 STEIM hosts a workshop by Jo Schlammpeitziger and Ulli 
Göken on building a Shadow Theater for Schlammpeitziger's new track, to 
be performed on April 14th in STEIM's studio 3 during a 
Schlammpeitziger concert. The workshop is open to visual artists, 
composers, theater makers, and others interested. The hours for the 
workshop will be 10h - 16h.

Schlammpeitziger, master of the Casio and inventor of almost unending 
song-titles, is coming to STEIM. After interim-activities such as 
remixing Depeche Mode, a "Best of Schlammpeitziger" release ("Collected 
Simplesongs Of My Temporary Past") on Domino Tokuma & Thrill Jockey and 
appearances at several festival, the likeable man from Cologne is 
giving us a close insight on his working methods and musical 
influences. Together with his long term colaborator Ulrike Göken, 
Schlammpeitziger will also produce a stage show for one of his songs 
together with the participants. The workshop will lead into one of 
Schlammpeitziger's unique live performances where he will introduce new 
musical material and the STEIM invented "shadow theatre".

"Few contemporary electronic acts have developed such a distinctive 
aural handwriting as Schlammpelziger has over the years. On "Everything 
Without All Inclusive", Schlammpeitziger has perfected his sound and 
expanded it with surprising elements. Friendly Casio-grooves and 
irresistible melodies still reign supreme. But beneath the surface, 
seriousness and doubt are lurking to stake out their claim."

Course cost: € 100
Registration is required for this workshop.
Please register early to ensure a place.
Places are limited to 12.

Please let others interested know about this workshop.

Location workshop: STEIM / Achtergracht 19

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