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[Nettime-nl] Radiodays in De Appel
Geert Lovink on Mon, 21 Mar 2005 16:42:32 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Radiodays in De Appel

>  1 - 30 april 2005
> Opening Friday, April 1, 2005, 15:00 - 20:00, concert and afterparty 
> at 21:00 www.radiodays.org (digital press release and images available 
> to download)
>  RADIODAYS is 26 days of live radio broadcast from De Appel, both on 
> 107,4 FM in the area of Amsterdam as well as via web-stream on 
> www.radiodays.org. The project is intended as a platform for 
> contemporary art and life: sound-based artworks, storytelling, music, 
> interviews or media-intervention. As an aural experience, as an 
> exhibition connecting distant places, confront opinions, and challenge 
> relations between participants and audience. What happens when 
> observers become listeners?
>  There are several reasons for using radio instead of a gallery space. 
> Radio offers a creative resistance to the retinal spectacle that 
> surrounds us. Radio is also a strong tool for connecting people and 
> bridging distances. Comparing with visual media, the radio space is 
> more capable of challenging the capitalist sphere of interest, which 
> is largely based on the visual spectacle. Closing ones eyes could 
> therefore be seen as an act of civil disobedience.
>  A singing exhibition, a city walk, a ghost talk about phantoms, a 
> radio play, a sound performance or a sound track of a video... from 
> Saâdane Afif to Artur Zmijewski - more than sixty international 
> artists are invited to make the RADIODAYS programme happen. Artists, 
> art critics, curators, musicians and DJs will come to De Appel to 
> discuss, to perform or to broadcast a new work.
>  Through April, every day (except on Mondays) the audience is invited 
> to come to De Appel from 4 pm to 9 pm. The visitors can take part in a 
> discussion, listen to a talk or a DJ set in the radio studio designed 
> by the French artist Laurent Grasso (with the collaboration of Pascal 
> Grasso) - or read a book on the subjects of the RADIODAYS programme in 
> the archive created by Association Apsolutno.
>  Since some visual artists are invited to create a sound based work 
> for the first time, the project reflects on the relationship between 
> visuality and non-visuality and wants to stimulate the listener's 
> imagination. Broadcasted live from inside De Appel, the project aims 
> to materialize an audience at different places: a live audience at De 
> Appel, but also the listener at home, in the car, on the mobile phone, 
> wherever a radio is at hand.
>  Participating artists are a.o. Saâdane Afif; AGF; Michiel Alberts; 
> Dave Allen; Apsolutno; Justin Beal; James Beckett; Otto Berchem; 
> Davide Bertocchi; Rachel Berwick; Johanna Billing; Christophe Boutin & 
> Eric Débris; Lise Brenner / Colin McLean; Joris Brouwers; Maria Barnas 
> & Nathalie Bruys; Susanne Bürner; Mircea Cantor; Jeremiah Day; Jeremy 
> Deller; Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost; Angela Detanico & Raphael 
> Lain; the doorman of Salon the Fleures, NY; Bojan Fajfric; Klaas van 
> Gorkum; Grasso and Grasso; Krist Gruythuysen; Hiekelien van den Herik 
> & Bauke van der Wal; Judith Hopf / Frauke Gust; Raul Keller; Zoran 
> Kesic; Karooshi; Suchan Kinoshita; Ki wa; Germaine Koh; Thorsten 
> Lauschmann; Jean-Yves Leloup & Jopo Stereo; Dominique Leroy; Gabriel 
> Lester; LIGNA; Andres Lġo; Su Mei Tse; Lucy McKenzie / Paulina 
> Olowska; Oswaldo Macia; Meta Haven; Montaron; Jonas Ohlsson; Boris 
> Ondreicka; On Kawara; Artis Orbus; Kate Pocrass; Oda Projesi; Jakob 
> Proyer; Radiobio; Nienke Rooijakker; Julika Rudelius; SUB; Fia Stina 
> Sandlund; Peggy Sue; Samon Takahashi; Rirkrit Tiravanija; Rasa 
> Todosijevic; Caecilia Tripp; Gabriela Vanga; Richard Widerberg; Jun 
> Yang; Arthur Zmijewski.
>  RADIODAYS is a collaborative project with a.o. the Music Conservatory 
> of Amsterdam, Das Arts, , WORMradio, Dispatch, B92, gelbe MUSIK / 
> Ursula Block, Vacarme, Version, Radio Radio / Mel Brimfield & Dave 
> Greenfield, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, WPS1, ARC / Musee d'art moderne de 
> la Ville de Paris, Avanto Festival, Radioartemobile, ubu.com, Radio 
> Monalisa, LACE, WHW.
>  A radio project by the Curatorial Training Programme 2004/2005
>  The participants of the Curatorial Training Programme 2004/2005 are 
> Rael Artel, Kathrin Jentjens, Claire Staebler, Jelena Vesic, Huib van 
> der Werf, Veronica Wiman.
>  RADIODAYS is supported by Ministry of Education, Culture and Science; 
> Municipality of Amsterdam; Mondriaan Foundation; The Prince Bernhard 
> Cultural Foundation; Goethe-Institut, Amsterdam; Institut Français des 
> Pays-Bas / Antenne de La Haye; De Waag Society; Steim; Maison 
> Descartes, Amsterdam; Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia; Apple 
> Centre MacHouse, Amsterdam.
>  For more information, please contact press {AT} deappel.nl or visit 
> www.radiodays.org

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