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[Nettime-nl] call for papers: holland open (groots .nl floss event)
Geert Lovink on Tue, 22 Mar 2005 11:25:56 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] call for papers: holland open (groots .nl floss event)


The Holland Open Software Conference will take place in Amsterdam May 
30-31, with many "after conference" sessions on Wednesday, June 1.

The aim of the Holland Open Software Conference is to present a broad 
variety of mature projects and to offer a platform were knowledge can 
be exchanged and were people can meet in a professional and 
enthusiastic atmosphere. The conference likes to show the interested 
attendee and the ICT-professional, that open solutions are available 
and that they can cope. There is room for debate and unconventional 
contributions, as the organization likes to avoid dogmatic approaches 
of the subject. The Conference will feature a broad range of best 
practices, scientific tracks as well as invited presentations and some 
plenary sessions with keynote speakers. There are no sponsored tracks. 
However, we do offer our sponsors and all invited speakers/projects the 
possibility to go into depth or debate with the audience on the after 
conference on Wednesday June 1.


Our keywords: innovation, quality control, open source software, open 
standards, open GIS, (mobile) games, standardization, e-government, 
content management, semantic web, open law, organizing communities, 
open development, knowledge management,(e-)learning, legal issues.

Program Committee

Please note, you can submit proposals for:

	1.  	 Scientific track
	2.  	Best practice/lesson learned

  Please choose 1 or 2 and submit to: pc {AT} hollandopen.nl.

  The program committee consists of:

  Tom van Engers (UVA), chair scientific tracks,
  Leon Gommans (Rotterdam CS) chair practice,
  Rob Peters (UvA, Zenc), coordinator.
  Jan Bergstra (UVA, UU, Amsterdam School of ICT)
  Frans Nauta (Dutch Innovationplatform, Kennisland)
  Bernt Hugenholtz (IVIR,UVA)
  Valentijn Sessink (OpenOffice.nl)
  Brian Fitzgerald (Ulimerick)
  Frank van der Linden (Philips)
  Hans van Vliet (VU,UU,HvA)
  Tineke Egyedi (TuDelft)
  Ruben van Wendel de Joode (TuDelft)

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