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[Nettime-nl] predatory information sequences . new games newplayers - se
ce hardi on Sat, 18 Jun 2005 16:37:23 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] predatory information sequences . new games newplayers - sequence 1: the shining

<predatory information sequences . new games new
players - sequence 1: the shining>
spatial scripting

opening tuesday, 21.6.2005, 8 p.m.

künstlerhaus büchsenhausen, innsbruck / austria

"the process of cooperative research as travelling
into fact & fiction  and the multitudes of distortions
that happen in transference and  narration. we leave
traces, collect material and re fabricate content 
into our own spatial scriptures. 

a productive liaison, constellations, haunted houses,
odd protagonists, weird skills, awesome activities,
short circuits, theories, collections of images, how
to deal with dead bodies, swedish suicide metal,
mazes, to overlook something completely, panoramas and
plagiarisms, night frost, the ghost of fuji, ad: who
is johnny?" 

judith fischer / claudia hardi will present their
joint project: spatial scripting' <predatory
information  sequences. new games new players -
sequence 1: the shining>. a production they worked on
during their residence at the kunstlerhaus
buechsenhausen (april – june 2005).

the shared interest in new phenomena and strategies
for the acquisition and processing of knowledge is the
basis for this cooperation, while the professional
background of both artists is diverse.

<predatory information  sequences. new games new
players - sequence 1: the shining> - a research whith
an uncertain goal. one might describe the output as
transitory, fragmented and yet paradoxically , it can
be considered as model.

<predatory information  sequences. new games new
players - sequence 1: the shining> uses the film by
stanley kubrick  as concrete reference and point of
departure for further research. the  attention moves
on complex paths of audio-visual perception of
language  and images, working its way through media
sources such as books, films,  videos, websites.

this field research visualizes and manifests itself in
a 'spatial scripting“. sequences, strings and chains
of signs are ordered mazily, sculptural elements
interact with screenstills / screenshots and a fragile
wooden dwelling – a shell, where expeditions are
trapped accoustically.

the visitors are invited to sojourn in this zone,
bringing with them their own horizons of experience.

kunstlerhaus buchsenhausen
weiherburggasse 13/12
6020 innsbruck, austria
phone +43 512 278627-10
fax +43 512 278627-11
office {AT} buchsenhausen.at

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