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[Nettime-nl] MA Media Design, Graduation Show, Rotterdam
matthew fuller on Mon, 20 Jun 2005 15:13:20 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] MA Media Design, Graduation Show, Rotterdam

Graduation Show 2005

Master of Arts, Media Design
Piet Zwart Institute

Friday 24th June 18.30-22.00hrs
Saturday 25th June 12.00- 17.00hrs
Sunday 26th June 12.00- 17.00hrs

Overblaak 85, Rotterdam

Graduates of a two year full-time programme, artists, designers,
architects, sociologists, cartographers and others come together to
jointly re-invent networked and computational digital media.

Anna Andersson
Movement of Moments
In this installation, desktop
scanners are flipped on their side, networked, and repurposed as
cameras. What happens when digital photography takes another route?

Kim de Groot
As We Speak
Do the paradigms and operations of computing
suggest new forms of rhetoric? How can they supplement and change
traditional forms of information sharing such as the lecture? By setting
programs outside of the computer, software becomes palpable as a living
practice. http://www.webrarians-practice.info/

Oliver Meskawi
Erreur, un parcours sinueux et imprévisible
Seven friends
discuss their life, loves and desires to a camera. The stories are cut
up and, using speech-recognition technology, the user creates a sinuous
and unpredictable path through their intimacies.

Dirk van Oosterbosch
A new piece of software designed for
'archive listening', setting the user up in a rich relation to ideas and
discussions as they circulate and reform through interlinked fragments
of conversation. http://www.intellistener.com/

Alejandra María Pérez Núnez
A participatory project and
platform for sound improvisation and exchange between networked entities
such as chatbots, people, music, streams, information and electronic
circuits. A bastard form of collaboration against the mechanisms of
control. http://www.elpuebloedechina.org/

Roxana Torre
Real-time2 Cartography: Personal World Map
What happens
when you change the variables on a world map from latitude and longitude
to speed and money. This unique mapping system, gives you a new insight
into the shape of a mobile world. http://www.personalworldmap.org/

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