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[Nettime-nl] Public Lecture: Peter Luining, 25-6-05
matthew fuller on Mon, 20 Jun 2005 15:13:04 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Public Lecture: Peter Luining, 25-6-05

Public Lecture: Peter Luining

Time: 15.00hrs
Date Saturday 25th June,
2005 Location: Overblaak 85,Rotterdam


 From the beginning of the world wide web, internet domain-names were
often seen as speculation objects that could bring big profits. With the
dot.com bubble bursting in 2001 the market in domain-names more or less
collapsed and the domain-squatters searched for other ways to generate
money from their property. New strategies were used: with pop-ups,
spyware, click-throughs, typo-domains, and sites aimed at children,
domains were engineered to generate revenue.

Fascinated with the changing use of domain-names Peter Luining started
to investigate domain trading and decided to map the changing landscape
of the internet. For his lecture at the Piet Zwart Institute he will
talk about DNvorscher, a new project for the Media Research Fellowship
programme. DNvorscher is an interactive application that maps
domain-name ownership. With this application Luining will give the user
a picture of how the domain-name trade is changing the character of the

Peter Luining

Peter Luining lives and works in Amsterdam. Originally trained as a
philosopher he has also produced work as a VJ and music video director.
 From the mid-nineties he has developed a unique body of work fusing
minimalist aesthetics with the interactive vocabularies of the networks
and of software. His work has been widely exhibited internationally.
Between April and July he is Research Fellow at Media Design Research.

The lecture is presented by Media Design Research, Piet Zwart Institute,
Willem de Kooning Academy Hogeschool Rotterdam.
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