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Re: [Nettime-nl] Google vindt vertrouwelijke web-informatie
cep on Wed, 22 Jun 2005 22:00:04 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: [Nettime-nl] Google vindt vertrouwelijke web-informatie

At 12:33 22-6-2005 +0200, Jos Horikx wrote:
>  ligt dit misschien aan de software en is
>de oorspronkelijke bedoeling anders? of is dit gewoon lap-
>zwanzerij die zoveel mogelijk bestreden dient te worden?

Afgaande op de talloze slordige persberichten [liefst in html]
en alle artikelenzonder onderwerp, houd ik het op gewoon
lapzwanzerij, maar om die te bestrijden ..
..  zul je het halve hbo moeten voorlichten ..


* Action Update: EFF Supporters Slam Congress to Stop the
Broadcast Flag [USA]

Earlier this week, EFF learned that a "Broadcast Flag"
amendment might slip past legislative gates as part of
an appropriations bill.  We quickly sent out an action alert
to EFF supporters in states with senators on the Senate
Appropriations Committee, warning that within 48
hours, we could see a new law that would give Hollywood
permanent veto power over how we use over-the-air
digital television and force American innovators to beg
the government for permission before adding new features
to TV.

It's easy to see how this could happen.  Despite
the courts striking down the flag and powerful opposition
in the Internet community, in many circles it's still
considered "non-controversial."

But that was Monday evening.

Within the space of a few hours, the action alert hit
the Internet.  And you slammed Congress.

By 6 p.m. on Tuesday, the 27 members of the Senate
Appropriations Committee received *more than 11,000
emails and faxes* from EFF supporters.  That's nearly
500 faxes an hour.  Dianne Feinstein alone received
more than 2,600 messages in her inbox.  Kay Hutchison,
the senior senator for Texas, received 1,441 letters.

And these are just the numbers EFF has.  We don't track
telephone calls.  But we do know that many of you listened
when we joined Public Knowledge in urging you to call your
senators directly.  If you tried to call and the line was
engaged, it was likely occupied by someone else griping
about the same amendment.  Staffers report that they are

Today, the phone calls, email messages, and faxes continue
to flood in.  This is a mass protest even without voices
from many of the more populous states, which don't have
senators on the committee.

Suffice it to say that you don't get that kind of reaction
except for *very* controversial bills.  You did it.  You
got the attention of every senator on the Appropriations

And so far, it's working.  No one proposed a Broadcast Flag
amendment in the sub-committee on Tuesday.  The next
opportunity will be Thursday at 2 p.m.  By then, everyone
on the committee will have been briefed by their besieged
staffers.  And in the briefings will be words to the
effect that this is an issue with "a great deal of voter

For these senators, the Broadcast Flag now comes with its
own red flag.

It's not over yet.  The entertainment industry lobbyists
won't give up easily, and there are plenty of sneaky tricks
left to pull.

But by acting now, you've given your legislator a reason to
decline Hollywood's advances.  You may even have given a
few the back-up necessary to *keep* declining.

We challenge you to keep the momentum going.  Tell your
friends and family about the Broadcast Flag, and forward the
URL below.  You know can make a difference - you already

Stop the Broadcast Flag!

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